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A Guide to Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s top TEFL jobs destinations. Expatriate packages are attractive and often include free airfares and accommodation as well as generous holidays and tax incentives. And while the strict Islamic rules that foreign visitors are expected to follow don’t suit some people, teaching English in Saudi Arabia does have many financial benefits.

TEFL Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Back in the ‘90s the recruitment criteria for teaching English in Saudi Arabia used to be pretty full on: you’d need a university degree, the very highest TEFL certification and many years experience to have any chance of landing a job. Those criteria have eased a little over the last decade, and some people have been able to find work teaching English in Saudi Arabia without even having a degree. However, in order to demand decent wages and working conditions you still need a recognised TEFL certificate and proof of a university education.

Wages and Cost of Living

You can expect to earn around SR8,000-SR10,000 per month if you have a comprehensive TEFL qualification and a couple of years’ experience. If you have an MA in TEFL, you will obviously earn much more. The cost of living is relatively expensive in Saudi Arabia, and probably closer to most western countries. However, you’ll be living tax-free and your employer will probably pick up the tab for your accommodation.

TEFL Cities in Saudi Arabia

These cities are our top three choices for teaching English in Saudi Arabia. They all offer something a little different, but they have a couple of things in common too: a high demand for TEFL teachers and loads of TEFL jobs.

TEFL Jobs in Riyadh

The Saudi capital is conservative and cautious and the presence of the kingdom’s mutawwa (religious police) means that strict Islamic laws must be obeyed at all times. It’s definitely not the place for partying and the free expression of one’s baser instincts! However, if you’re looking to earn a little cash and keep your head down for a year or two, Riyadh is a great place to teach English in Saudi Arabia.

TEFL Jobs in Jeddah

For centuries Jeddah has been at the crossroads of international trade, and it is still seen as the undisputed capital of Saudi commerce. It is also one of the most liberal and cosmopolitan of Saudi cities, so it can be less of a culture shock for people teaching English in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

TEFL Jobs in Dhahran

The daddy of all Middle Eastern oil towns, Dhahran is home to one of the world’s biggest petrochemical companies – Aramco. This presence of this huge multinational has led to a steady demand for English teachers, loads of TEFL jobs and the standard of living in the city is amongst the best in the kingdom.

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