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A Guide to Teaching English in the Czech Republic

The Czech capital is so overwhelmed by experienced TEFL teachers that it can be tricky to find work teaching English in Prague without years of experience or the help of specialist recruitment consultants. But if you venture out of the capital, working conditions, wages and your chances of finding TEFL jobs increase dramatically.

TEFL Jobs in the Czech Republic

There are opportunities to teach English in Poland with both state and private schools. State schools usually offer one year fixed contracts with free or heavily subsidized accommodation. There are well-run private schools across the country and this high level of competition has led to relatively high standards and lots of competition for TEFL jobs.

Wages and Cost of Living

While in Prague the sheer number of qualified TEFL teachers (around 30,000 Americans alone!) has driven down wages, you can live well on a teacher's salary if you get away from the capital. You can expect to earn around anything from 22,000 to 30,000 Korona (US$1,000 to US$1,600) a month by teaching English in Prague and a little less elsewhere.

TEFL Cities in the Czech Republic

These three cities are our top choices for teaching English in the Czech Republic: all three have lots of TEFL jobs and are great places to spend a little time teaching English.

TEFL Jobs in Prague

There are more TEFL jobs in Prague than in any other Czech city. Its popularity as a travel destination has led to an increased need for English teachers and it is now probably the most popular place to teach English in Eastern Europe.

TEFL Jobs in Brno

The historic former capital of Moravia is still the administrative center for all of Southern Moravia and offers a more relaxed pace of life, a lower cost of living and a less congested TEFL jobs market than Prague.

TEFL Jobs in Plzeň

Plzeň is the economic, financial and cultural capital of the western Czech Republic. In the last decade or so the city has seen major investment from foreign business and the number of TEFL jobs in Plzeň has gone through the roof.

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