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A Guide to Teaching English in Spain

Many jobs in Spain require fluency in English, so the demand for native English TEFL teachers is huge. In fact, English language lessons are compulsory in all state schools and, while those kind of positions are usually only offered to the more experienced TEFL teachers, pretty much every town and city has at least one Academia de Inglés that may employ less experienced teachers. Teaching English in Spain is not a great way to get rich and save, but if having a memorable time is more important to you than having loads of cash in the bank, finding a TEFL job in Spain might be a great choice for you.

TEFL Jobs in Spain

There are loads of TEFL jobs in Spain and there are opportunities for qualified TEFL teachers in pretty much every major town and city. Teaching jobs can be found in any number of different settings, from state schools and kindergartens to private tuition and private language schools.

Wages and Cost of Living

The wages available for teaching English in Spain aren't particularly high: you'll be lucky to earn over €1400 a month (US1800) for 25 hours of teaching. The cost of living in the larger cities is pretty high too, so when you're thinking of teaching English in Spain, you'll need to take into account that you'll have a great time, but you won't be able to save a great deal of money.

TEFL Cities in Spain

These three cities are our top choices for teaching English in Spain. They all offer something a little different, but they have a couple of things in common too: a high demand for TEFL teachers and loads of TEFL jobs.

TEFL Jobs in Madrid

Madrid is probably the biggest market for TEFL jobs in Spain. It is one of the largest cities in Europe, and home to many of Spain's largest businesses. It doesn’t attract quite so many tourists as Barcelona, so it’s a great place to soak up the Iberian attitude to life away from all the sun-burn and sangria.

TEFL Jobs in Barcelona

Perhaps Spain's most feted city, and capital of Catalunya, Barcelona is also one of the country's top TEFL destinations. There are usually lots of TEFL jobs in Barcelona and the opportunities to teach English are many and varied. It’s also a rather glorious place to spend a little time: think lazy afternoons on Las Ramblas, wine soaked summer picnics at Parc Güell and enough art, culture and fine-dining to keep even the most refined TEFler happy.

TEFL Jobs in Seville

Seville is the capital of the beautiful southern province of Andalusia. While it doesn't offer the sheer number of TEFL jobs available in Madrid and Barcelona, there is still a well developed TEFL jobs market and the cost of living is lower.

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