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A Guide to Teaching English in Poland

Poles consider English language skills as central to a brighter and more affluent future for themselves. This means that there are lots of TEFL jobs in Polish state schools and privately run language institutes.

TEFL Jobs in Poland

Poland’s insatiable demand for English teachers has lessened some what of late, but there are still loads of TEFL jobs in Poland, especially for teachers with a recognised TEFL certificate and a little previous experience.

Wages and Cost of Living

You can earn anywhere between 1,500 and 4,500zl (US$650-1,900) a month by teaching English in Poland. Costs are on a par with elsewhere in Eastern Europe and have risen similarly in the past few years. Expect to pay about 5zl (US$2) for a beer in a bar, 20zl (US$8) for a cinema ticket and a cheap meal out will start at around 10zl (US$4).

TEFL Cities in Poland

These three cities are our top choices for teaching English in Poland. They all offer something a little different, but they have a couple of things in common too: a high demand for TEFL teachers and loads of TEFL jobs.

TEFL Jobs in Warsaw

Warsaw is the cultural, economic and governmental centre of Poland, and offers not only plentiful TEFL jobs, but loads of opportunities to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy your time teaching English in Poland.

TEFL Jobs in Kraków

Kraków is one of the few Polish cities that wasn’t completely flattened during the Second World War, so its architecture and museums give an intriguing insight into a past more distant and peaceful than the one usually associated with Poland. There are usually loads of TEFL jobs in Kraków and the cost of living is a little lower than in Warsaw too.

TEFL Jobs in Poznan

Poznan is something of a centre for international business and also has a huge and thriving student population. Both these facts should be making prospective TEFL teachers happy – think lots of opportunities to teach Business English and loads of students looking for extra conversational English lessons.

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