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A Guide to Teaching English in Italy

Opportunities to teach English in Italy seem to be increasing every year. Many Italians see fluency in English as key to better employment prospects, more money and a brighter future. Because of this there are innumerable small English language institutes in almost every city, from Genoa on the French border to Calabria in the far south.

TEFL Jobs in Italy

There are lots of opportunities to teach English in Italy, with pretty much every town and city having a well-developed TEFL jobs market. The Italian schools system is widely regarded to offer a below standard level of English language education, so Italians who want to learn usually opt for private tuition. The AISLI (Associazione Italiana Scuole di Lingue) is perhaps the most respected provider of English training and has a number of accredited schools across the country. Their employment criteria are rather strict and they expect top level TEFL certification. There are a number smaller independent language institutes operating across the country who offer TEFL jobs to less qualified teachers.

Wages and Cost of Living

Depending on your qualifications and your experience you can earn anything from €800 and €1,500 (US$1,000 to US$2,000) a month by teaching English in Italy. Private tuition can earn you between €10 and €35 (US$13.50 to US$45) an hour. The cost of living varies greatly from North to South, with the South being significantly more affordable than the North.

TEFL Cities in Italy

These three cities are our top choices for places to find work teaching English in Italy. They all offer something a little different, but they have a couple of things in common too: a high demand for TEFL teachers and loads of TEFL jobs.

TEFL Jobs in Rome

The eternal city is Italy's must-see tourist destination, as well as the country's primary political, economic and cultural center. All these factors combine to create plentiful TEFL jobs in Rome.

TEFL Jobs in Milan

One of Europe's main industrial and business cities: it is the seat of the Italian Stock Exchange and home to Alfa Romeo and many other large multinationals. Its status as Italy's economic powerhouse means there are always lots of TEFL jobs in Milan.

TEFL Jobs in Bari

According to a local saying, "If Paris had the sea, it would be a little Bari". This is perhaps a bit over the top, but it is an attractive town that sits on the shores of the Adriatic and has lots of opportunities for people looking to teach English in Italy.

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