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A Guide to Teaching English in Hungary

English is a required subject for all students wanting to get into a university, and all arts and sciences undergraduates are also required to study English as part of their degree. And while the country isn’t short of high calibre homegrown teachers, many Hungarian schools and institutes still insist on hiring native speakers from overseas. All of which means there are plentiful opportunities for people with recognised TEFL qualifications to teach English in Hungary.

TEFL Jobs in Hungary

While Budapest has been slightly over-run by English teachers in recent years, more experienced TEFL teachers can still find work in the Hungarian capital. For less experienced teachers the better opportunities are to be found in the provinces. You’ll probably need to look at teaching in private language schools rather than the state education system, but that shouldn’t be a problem as there are estimated to be around 100 in the capital, and a further 300 scattered across the country.

Wages and Cost of Living

You won’t earn a fortune teaching English in Hungary, but wages at private schools start from around 200,000 forints a month (around £580) which should give you enough to live on. While the general cost of living isn’t that high, a decent place to stay will take a huge chunk out of your pay-packet. So it may be worth trying to top up your monthly income by doing a little freelance teaching, which pays around 3,000 forints a lesson.

TEFL Cities in Hungary

These three cities are our top picks for TEFL jobs in Hungary. They all offer something a little different, but they have a couple of things in common too: a high demand for TEFL teachers and loads of TEFL jobs.

TEFL Jobs in Budapest

First things first, Budapest is as stunning city. It straddles the river Danube and is widely considered to be the most beautiful city in central Europe. Thanks to the sheer number of TEFL jobs in Budapest, there is a large and lively ex-pat community and plentiful opportunities for more experienced TEFL teachers.

TEFL Jobs in Debrecen

If you arrive into Debrecen via the train or bus stations, don’t worry: the rest of the city is much more attractive than these Soviet era monstrosities! Debrecen is a good choice for less experienced TEFL teachers who might struggle to find work teaching English in Budapest.

TEFL Jobs in Gyula

There aren't loads of TEFL jobs in Gyula, but it is one of Hungary’s most attractive towns and there are always a few opportunities for TEFL teachers.

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