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A Guide to Teaching English in France

As with much of Europe, French businesses are increasingly seeing English as a key skill for their employees. In fact, legislation states that French companies have to turn over at least 1.5% of their payroll to employee training. Much of this is spent on English language training, and there are thousands of private language companies out there looking for people to teach English in France.

TEFL Jobs in France

While the requirements for TEFL jobs in France are pretty high, so is the demand for teachers. Opportunities exist with state-run schools and universities, but most foreign teachers find TEFL jobs in private language schools and by teaching business English within companies.

Wages and Cost of Living

The average wage for teaching English in France is somewhere around €1,400 a month (US$1800) for fully qualified TEFL teachers, and there is potential to earn a little extra by offering private lessons. The cost of living in Paris is pretty high, especially if you want to live somewhere near the centre of town.

TEFL Cities in France

These three cities are our top places to teach English in France. They all offer something a little different, but they have a couple of things in common too: a high demand for TEFL teachers and loads of TEFL jobs.

TEFL Jobs in Paris

Paris is many people's dream TEFL job destination, and it's easy to understand why. It is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet and the opportunities for teaching English in Paris are many and varied. A great choice if you have a top level TEFL certificate and some previous experience of teaching English abroad.

TEFL Jobs in Lyon

Lyon has a population of around half a million people and is regarded as one of France's most important economic and business centers. As is often the case, economic success has brought a high demand for people with an understanding of teaching business English.

TEFL Jobs in Montpellier

The southern city of Montpellier is the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon and has been France's fastest growing city over the last 25 years. This economic growth has led to many more opportunities to teach English in Montpellier.

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