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Many jobs in Spain require fluency in English, so it’s safe to say that there are always lots of TEFL jobs in Spain. A great choice for people with previous experience of teaching English abroad.

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French businesses are increasingly seeing English as a key skill for their employees. And with 1.5% of company profit having to be put aside for staff training, the French TEFL jobs market is one of the most buoyant in Europe.

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Poles consider English language skills as central to a brighter and more affluent future for themselves. This means that there are always a good number of TEFL jobs in Poland’s state schools and even more opportunities to teach English in Poznan's numerous private language institutes.

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Czech Republic

Prague is the first choice for people with experience of teaching English abroad, but the smaller towns and cities are a great place to look for Czech TEFL jobs if you don’t have lots of experience.

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Opportunities to teach English in Italy seem to be increasing every year, as do the number of TEFL jobs in Italy that are advertised online. A great choice if you fancy teaching English in Europe.

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Despite the economic crisis, there is still a huge demand for people to teach English in Greece, and there are always a few tasty TEFL jobs to be found.

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English is a required subject for all students wanting to get into a university, which means that there are usually plenty of opportunities to teach English in Hungary.

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