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i-to-i TEFL provides you with the most advanced online TEFL courses around the world! With online courses, you’ll get real feedback from expert tutors, immediate 24/7 online access to top training and a vast amount of information and resources on all subject areas to really help you strengthen your knowledge as you see fit.

So choose from the basic Foundation TEFL Certificate (20) all the way through the advanced Professional TEFL Certificate (140), and get your internationally recognized TEFL certificate!

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  • Convenient and flexible – You can learn on your terms, when and how you want
  • Expert tutor feedback – Draw from more than 65 different tutors’ experience
  • Depth of training – You can drill into as much content as you want, at your own speed
  • Real life case studies and examples, supported with expansive resources section
  • No waiting around! Work on the rest of your course while your feedback is being returned
  • Work to an established and proven framework developed by e-learning and TEFL experts
  • Fun and interactive online training – We’ve developed interactive activities to ensure you get the most from your course – and enjoy it!
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i-to-i's TEFL courses are internationally recognised. Choose from our Professional Course which is endorsed by leading language schools and opens the door to 1000s of TEFL jobs worldwide, or our Foundation TEFL Course which offers a great introduction to the basics of teaching English as a foreign language.

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Professional TEFL Certificate

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Foundation TEFL Certificate

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What you can expect with the new online TEFL course

Flexible learning based around you Unlike other online TEFL courses our course can adapt to your learning style. You, the student can choose to view all content before doing any assessments, or choose to view particular styles of content – whatever suits you!

Learn the principles quickly and then get in to the detail How deep do you want to go? You choose how much they want to learn on a particular topic – do the basic content and get a pass or go deep into areas that interest you or you feel weaker! We’ve also added a huge resources section for the more studious!

Taste the real world We won’t just present you with boring theory (well you might have to endure some of that but only because it’s beneficial). Our course will provide you with real life examples and case studies to support the TEFL theories – we keep it practical, and real!

Developed by TEFL and e-learning experts from across the globe We felt is was important to bring two worlds together. Having worked in TEFL since 1994 we sought to bring in fresh TEFL thinking AND work with e-learning experts, who have helped develop e-learning programs with organisations such as LearnDirect and HSBC.

Fast response and module grading We don’t restrict you to just one tutor, our new course will allow any one of our 65 expert tutors to mark your work, you can receive feedback fast!

No waiting around for us We won’t restrict your progress, complete one learning module and simply progress to the next learning module whilst you are being graded. You can enjoy 24/7 access and work at a pace that suits you.

Built on the world’s leading online course framework Harnessing skills of education experts and developers to deliver a course that is built on a framework used by Universities and trainers all over the world. Originally designed and developed with the UK’s Open University.

One simple login You access all this TEFL resource through one simple login, we have built everything around you and making your study time as easy as possible!