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Recent discussions

  • Thoughts on Choosing Vietnam 2015

    Created about 1 hour ago

    Hey, I have been thinking about applying for the internship in Vietnam in August. I just wanted to know how you...

  • Anyone in New Zealand?

    Created about 7 days ago

    Hi Pam :) Windy Welly eh (lol). Well done on completing your 140 hours course and congrats on your upcoming trip....

  • 2015 plans...whats everyone thinking

    Created about 11 days ago

    @Hayleyjane - a friend of mine is doing south korea's EPIK program, if you wanna look into that!

  • South Africans

    Created about 11 days ago

    Hi people. I completed the 120 hour a month ago and will be doing the 20 hour practicum the 7th...

  • Thailand TEFl/travel buddy possibly required!

    Created about 20 days ago

    Hey!  I'm looking at going around April or May 2015 Would also like to meet people before going.  Anybody thinking of going around...

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