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Recent discussions

  • How long can you take to complete checkpoints

    Created about 3 days ago

    Hey guys!I was just wondering how long you can take to complete a checkpoint. For example, can you start attempt...

  • South Africans

    Created about 6 days ago

    Hi everyone! Great to be part of this group :) I'm currently completing my 140 hour TEFL course and hopefully...

  • Italy without an EU passport?

    Created about 8 days ago

    This discussion has been dead for nearly a year, but hopefully we can get a response as I too am...

  • Finding a job in Ho Chi Minh City

    Created about 10 days ago

    Hi Chris, Compass is a quite good company to work for. You can contact more with;;; to...

  • Specialist Module - Teaching Young Learners

    Created about 10 days ago

    I, too, am stuck on this point. Especially "...list some...grammatical structures the students already know, which can be of use...

Recent journals

  • teaching in Russia

    Posted 20 Jul 2014

    I've just finished a 140 hour TEFL course and I am now Trinity certified. I've registered with a few websites for...

  • Glitch in your system?

    Posted 20 Jul 2014

    This is the second time I've received an email saying there's a new message for me, and both times I...

  • Want to TEFL next year. Can I apply now?

    Posted 19 Jul 2014

    I really want to get my TEFL certification online and teach abroad, but I'm just not in a position to...

  • New to TEFL

    Posted 19 Jul 2014

    Planning on teaching English in southeast Asia for about 3 weeks.  I'm new to TEFL and TESOL.  Thinking of...

  • Personality Vlog

    Posted 17 Jul 2014

    Hey guys i was asked to record a personality vlog for an agency that interviewed me, its about 2 minutes...