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Recent discussions

  • Job fair Cordoba Spain

    Created about 3 hours ago

    Hi everyone, I've just booked up for the job fair in Cordoba on the 17th May.   Is there anyone else...

  • How long to complete?

    Created about 8 days ago

    May I ask how you resolved your time management issues?

  • Teaching Audio & Video Lesson Module...

    Created about 9 days ago

    It is the specialist module - teaching Audio & Video lessons...I have this feeling that not many people have done...

  • Please help! English One- to One Q10

    Created about 9 days ago

    I think it's good to ask them alot of questions to see what their ideas are, then to summarize the...

  • Thailand May 2014 Internship

    Created about 12 days ago

    So is anyone going to travel from London on the 2nd? thats when i plan to travel out. Ive been...

Recent journals


    Posted 23 Apr 2014

    I have teaching certificate from college of education and i want to do tefl or tesol where will i get...

  • Teaching in Dongguan, China

    Posted 23 Apr 2014

    Hi  Does anyone know or has taught in Dongguan in the Guangdong province? Whats it like? I am looking around and...

  • Checkpoint 1 - PASSED...:-)

    Posted 22 Apr 2014

    Very pleased with the result of Checkpoint 1 especially the online tutor Gill commenting that she enjoyed reading my answers,...

  • Questions about South Korea

    Posted 22 Apr 2014

    Hi there   I plan on teaching in South Korea. Do they accept you if you have done the online course? Do they...

  • Cambodia, Vietnam possible with no degree

    Posted 21 Apr 2014

    I have just completed my 140 hr TEFL training and would like to work in Cambodia and/or Vietnam, but have...