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Recent discussions

  • Working in Europe

    Created about 2 days ago

    Hi Serena, Unfortunately, I don't have much advice about finding a teaching job in Europe. I was, however, hoping you culd...

  • vietnam 2014

    Created about 3 days ago

    Hey there -- I'm looking into the Vietnam 2015 internship and was hoping to connect with someone who has completed...

  • Specialist Module - Teaching Young Learners

    Created about 4 days ago

    Revise what you need from the 60 hour course, use a basic lesson plan format, (that you might used before)...

  • Module 7

    Created about 6 days ago

    Hi my name is Katherine laws is there anyone that is doing the 120hrs course, and is doing the fill...

  • China v Taiwan

    Created about 8 days ago

    Just curious if there are any difficulties in teaching in China if you've done so (or even just visited) Taiwan....

Recent journals

  • Utterly confused about lead-in and warmer

    Posted 02 Aug 2014

    Hello everyone,    I am stuck on check point 4 (last attempt). The assignment is almost good and I know I can make...

  • Help with Online TEFL 120 Course Part B Checkpoint 5

    Posted 01 Aug 2014

    I’m having great difficulty with checkpoint 5, listening to six different learners producing sentences containing errors, identifying the errors, and...

  • Scholarships for your students !

    Posted 01 Aug 2014

    Greetings!   I teach liberal arts (mostly EFL and SPE but also some Spanish and humanities) at the College of Interdisciplinary and...

  • My Course Begins

    Posted 01 Aug 2014

    Finally signed up for the 140hr Professional TEFL certificate course with an added 20hr Grammar course. Woohoo! Did my first...

  • struggling with assignment 2

    Posted 01 Aug 2014

    Hi ,  I am currently in the process of completing assignment 2 on the 60-hour online course however I am struggling...