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Recent discussions

  • Teaching English in Vietnam

    Created about 3 days ago

    Hi Helen C I believe, (through a reputable source) that Binh Minh Education Development Center is good. They are located in...

  • getting a english job in Cambodia

    Created about 3 days ago

    *keen to meet 

  • Internship 2015

    Created about 4 days ago

    Hi everyone Im also hoping to get on the China internship im just waiting to have my interview now.  im nervous but reading everyones...

  • Extreme difficulty with checkpoints

    Created about 6 days ago

    Hi!!! Will you be so kind and give me answers for the checkpoint 1? I have my last attempt. My...

  • certificates

    Created about 6 days ago

    Anyone with a printer can give out a certificate, TEFL certified or not. I gave all my 2 year old...

Recent journals

  • TEFL . please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 23 Nov 2014

    hello everybody. first, i am going to prepare myself to get TEFL in advanced. but i dont know where to start...

  • Update and I need some help please!

    Posted 22 Nov 2014

    Hello fellow chalkboarders! Well, it's been a disgraceful amount of time since I last posted on here. I thought that I...


    Posted 20 Nov 2014

    Hello everyone.I see a number of suggestions here for direct  school applications.  There could be hundreds of schools in a...

  • The End of the Made in China Movement

    Posted 18 Nov 2014

    Having taught all throughout South East Asia, I am naturally inclined to perk up when there is discussion of outsourcing...

  • Guatemala City to Verona

    Posted 18 Nov 2014

    Hi all!   So last year I finished my 140-hour TEFL course and now I am close upon reaching my first year...