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Recent discussions

  • Brazil 2014-2016

    Created about 2 days ago

    Hi bramvanworkum, I have not taught while in Brazil, so have no first hand experience of what you are asking,...

  • Internship 2015

    Created about 3 days ago

    Not sure where to get it in England specifically, but ImmerQi can provide a list of agencies that provide insurance....

  • Moving to China

    Created about 4 days ago

    hey guys, I'm thinking of moving to China next year, have some random questions..  What should I bring? What is easy...

  • Moving to Nanjing, China

    Created about 11 days ago

    Hi! How's your teaching adventure in Nanjing? 

  • you can add everything you want to talk about.

    Created about 15 days ago

    hello . this is very intresting why we really want to go abroad , because i myself think of going...

Recent journals

  • 120 + 10 miles - Done!

    Posted 17 Dec 2014

    I recently completed my 120 hours course and the 10 hours specialisation: Teaching English to Large Classes.Its been a pretty...

  • My motivation

    Posted 17 Dec 2014

    My reasons for taking the TEFL course and moving abroad were probably a little different from the norm - I...

  • Living Abroad

    Posted 15 Dec 2014

    I took the TEFL course back in 2009 fully intending to use it to live in South America - and...

  • Waiting to get started!!!

    Posted 15 Dec 2014

    Well, that's it!!! after years of thinking about it I have finally gone for it.  My new career (hopefully) starts...

  • First Trimestre in España

    Posted 14 Dec 2014

    Hi everyone! Been a while since my last post and I’m sure plenty of virtual tumbleweed has flown past –...