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Recent discussions

  • October 2014

    Created 1 day ago

    Hey! I've signed up for the October Internship. I only started my tefl last month and I am trying to get it...

  • Checkpoint 2 Lesson Plan

    Created about 3 days ago

    have anyone passed?

  • I don't speak Chinese?

    Created about 3 days ago

    The thing most teachers feared when they ask this question is arriving in China and finding themselves standing in front...

  • Apply through recruiting agency?

    Created about 3 days ago

    If an agency tries to charge you anything, run! Take a look at the pros and cons of applying through...

  • Checkpoint 5 help!

    Created about 4 days ago

    I am supposed to be working out a grammar error in a recording, when I can't even understand what the...

Recent journals

  • A Long Time Absent

    Posted 01 Sep 2014

    I remember a time when I was regularly checking Chalkboard, but after a bombardment of people asking for help (of...

  • A question to anyone who has taught/is teaching young children

    Posted 31 Aug 2014

    I have a question which I hope you'll able to help me with. Your thoughts and ideas would be most...

  • New starter

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    I have just set out on the first steps to a new career in TEFLing by starting the 140hr Professional...

  • black in china

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    Hey guys, Whats it like being black in china?

  • can i tefl as a nigerian

    Posted 29 Aug 2014

    Hey guys ..i am a nigerian living in nigeria i have read lots of exciting stories about tefling in asia...