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Recent discussions

  • Where are you from?

    Created about 3 hours ago

    Hello everyone. I am from South Africa; Nelson Mandela, 2010 (AWESOME) soccer world cup, apartheid...just some of the things that probably...

  • Checkpoint 2 Help!

    Created about 9 hours ago

    Hi, Have you tried asking the help desk for some direction. They obviously can't help you with the answers etc,...

  • MATH Teacher Wanted in Guangdong, China

    Created 1 day ago

    Guangdong Huizhou International school Teachers Recruitment Positions:  * 1 primary maths teacher    Basic requirements: * aged 23-55 * BA /BS degree or above * at least 1...

  • EPIK Irish/British applicants?

    Created 1 day ago

    I think my Hagwon job waws one of the most enjoyable jobs I ever worked (although my job now is...

  • Internship 2015

    Created about 4 days ago

    Loving the activity on this post! To update, I am now accepted, I also dressed up for the interview then to...

Recent journals

  • how to get the job?

    Posted 20 Oct 2014

    So upon my research adventure, i keep finding that most people are saying the best way to get a job...

  • teaching jobs in china

    Posted 20 Oct 2014

    In Urgent need!!!!!!!!!! of native English Teachers for full time in Zhongshan,   Guangdon province,China Hello Teachers: This is FESCE Education Center...

  • teaching jobs in china

    Posted 20 Oct 2014

    FESCO Education Center Introduction FESCO Education Center is based on FESCO Group  and dominated by Hong Kong Phoenix Education Group...

  • Teaching in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Posted 18 Oct 2014

    Hello folks,  It's been a while since my last post...  after the disaster that was Istanbul I wound up here in...

  • Checkpoint 1

    Posted 18 Oct 2014

    Woohoo, Checkpoint 1 completed!