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Recent discussions

  • Thoughts on Choosing Vietnam 2015

    Created about 2 hours ago

    me too! im on the Vietnam aug 2015 internship cyaz there :)

  • South Africans

    Created about 14 hours ago

    Hi everyone , I am new here , glad to meet South Africans with the same vision like mine ....

  • Are you teaching English in Germany/Austria :)?

    Created about 3 days ago

    Has any one information on teaching in Germany.  It looks as though it is not hopeful.    

  • Reviews of China Internship

    Created about 5 days ago

    t is great that i have my Certificate already, i really enjoyed doing the course although it took me longer...

  • October 2014

    Created about 6 days ago

    Carly, Any advice or tips for someone considering the China internship?

Recent journals

  • Checkpoint 1 - how to add image or file?

    Posted 03 Mar 2015

    Hi. I have completed my checkpoint 1 questions - but not submitted them.   I would like to add a image or...

  • Belfast practical

    Posted 02 Mar 2015

    Hi guys, Anyone going to the Belfast practical at the end of March? If so does anyone know if accommodation was...

  • SABIS 2015

    Posted 01 Mar 2015

    Hi everyone. Just wondering is anyone applying to teach with Sabis in the UAE? I've just sent my application. Anyone...

  • P#L#A#N#N#I#N#G#

    Posted 01 Mar 2015

    HI EVERYBODY. If someone will have something in his or her mind to prepare himself or herself inorder to catch golden...

  • Weekend practical

    Posted 28 Feb 2015

    Any one going to Melbourn weekend Practical in April? Or am I going to have one on one.