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Hey thanks for the add! How are u, did u enjoy the course? have u got any plans to travel?


Just read your post on the weekenfd course. Sounds like it's well worth it! I've still got a few weeks before mine, but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm on module 6 of the online course at the mo, it's another long one, but it's pretty interesting.


I haven't started job hunting yet, but I'm gonna start soon. I know I wanna go to Beijing, as I've lived there for a couple of years already. I was studying Chinese there rather than teaching though, so my experience will be a bit different this time round! If you've got any questions about China feel free to ask, but I can't really help with any teaching questions... One thing I'd say is that Beijing is definitely better than Shanghai. But then I'm kind of biassed.


Hey man,thanks for the add!

I went to uni in Leeds. Haven't got any concrete plans yet, but I definitely wanna be in China by the end of Nov. Going to the weekend course on the 17th of Sep. Looking forward to it!

How's the course going? Started job hunting yet?

Gonna be heading to just outside Busan in South Korea (their second city). Weekend course was spot on; met some great people, enjoyed it, but most importantly I feel a lot more confident about ESL teaching now. I'm sure you'll find it both helpful and also a good laugh at the same time.

As far as tips are concerned... one word: 'Agency.' Do your homework on which country you want to go to, and register with a few agencies there. I did this and within a couple of weeks I'd had about 10 interviews, and eventually got to take my pick from a number of job offers. Just waiting for my visa to come through now and then I'll be off.

With the wages, I would only really make that a consideration if it's mega important to you. Japan pays the most in that region, Korea pays a little bit less, and then China pays less again. But I know people who've taught in all three of these countries and have said that the wages were more than sufficient to get by in each of them. Korea was the best choice for me because pretty much all of the contracts include round-trip flights and accommodation - so, firstly, it means that you don't have to put your hand in your pocket to get out there (well, other than the ridiculous fees for solicitors to verify your documents - admittedly I should have been a little more prepared for this as a law graduate). Secondly, no stress of organising somewhere to live, 6,000 miles from home, lol.

Let me know where you decide to go; if it's Korea I'm sure I could introduce you to the agencies I used.

Oh thats good news! Where about's in Korea dude? btw how was the weekend course? any tips you can spare me? I also want to head out to Asia...maybe Beijing or Shanghai but heard that the pay in Korea is more?! Did you do your own job hunting or did i-i help you? 

Course isn't going... it's gone. Finished my course a few weekends back. So I'm fully TEFL trained now and I'm starting a job out in South Korea in about 2 weeks. Progress seemed to be quite quick... don't know if I was just lucky or if the far east is just much more efficient on the job front; but all in all it took only about three weeks from starting to apply for jobs to actually being offered one. Where were you thinking of heading to?

Hey dude, I was hoping my biography would raise a few smiles! Hows the course going for you? Any luck with the job prospects? 

Hey man, cheers for the ad. Was laughing reading your 'about me' section... Sounds a little similar to my story... I'm a law graduate whose just jacked in a banking grad scheme, so looks like I'll be trading numbers for letters too. I'm sure you won't regret the move. Best of luck!

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