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Brain Dead!

Can I just suggest to not attempt as much of the grammar awareness as possible in one day. I've managed 46 Exercises. All completed.  I could go on, but others want the computer so I figure I'd give my brain a rest...(I'd probably go on if my boyfriend didn't suggest I come up for air.. LOL)


But I'm glad to have been so productive.


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Well done, that is some amount of work to do all at once.


I am doing checkpoint three at the moment and stuck on questions 14 to 21.

Will some one please point me in the right direction here.



Exactly.. I kept telling myself I'd stop. I thought I'd stop after the second module.. then I saw how short the third module was and said "Screw it! I can push through this!"  I made through 46.  Will start on exercise 47 tonight more than likely.  Almost done with all the course work minus the video section.  Ready to be done. :)

Ouch - that's a lot of grammar for one day!

I'm the same though - I always like to blitz through the nasty stuff to know that it's done.

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