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It is official with the school in Ukraine.  Had a Skype conversation yesterday evening with the DOS, mapping out details like visa needs, dates to be there, and many other tedious things I have to do.  I have to admit.. being American is also making this more challenging for me.  I have to learn British English. The school wants me to teach the intermediate and higher general English classes, business English, and possibly put together some programs for HR/management English...and I have to know British English since all the testing is done with it, but they want me to also discuss and work with the comparisons also.

I'll be in Ukraine by Aug 25th. Which is good and bad.  Was hoping for a bit longer of the summer with my boyfriend since I'm having to move away temporarily.  It is surprisingly super expensive to travel between Serbia and Ukraine, making me more than likely spend my birthday in Sept alone, where my boyfriend was going to try and come up but the costs are outrageous.  He said he'd still try, but I'll be saving money and if I have to will pay for the ticket. :) Don't want to be in a country for three weeks not knowing anyone really and have to spend my 25th alone. 

But other than that.. looking forward to it though.  Lots to educate myself on though concerning all the Cambridge tests, CEFR, and British English.

Off to work on modules then put my nose back in PDF books about Cambridge tests and CEFR.



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hey how long did it take you to find work? and was it in the country you first wanted to go to ?

Actually, I just googled whatever I was looking for and put PDF afterward.  What are you wanting? I might be able to just send you some via email if you want.

hey babe what was that website you went on for the helpful pdf's?

Thanks Honor!! :)

I found some nice PDFs online that help with some of the basics between the differences. I've seen websites talking about different grammar, but then when I pull them up they are blank or there is an 404 Error message.  *shrugs* Oh well.

I'll definitely keep the board updated.  Especially since I haven't seen anyone on here that works in Ukraine or other Eastern Eurpoean countries really.  Mostly Asian.. :) 




Congratulations on getting your job in the Ukraine - sounds great. You'll have to keep us posted with how you get on.


Don't worry too much about the British English - apart from random words (like sidewalk/pavement), it's actually very very similar. If you need to swot up on it, just listen to the BBC World Service - can't get much more British than that!


Any if you need anything translating just give me a shout - the girl I sit next to at work is from LA and between the two of us I expect we'll be able to suss it out :)

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