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China August 2011

Ive paid even after reading all the warning blogs on here!!!

I am sure Ive made the right decission.... I hope...

Well im ding it any- working 3 jobs, studying, nervouse as anything but I cant wait!!!

Would love to talk to anyone else going over in the same internship....





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ok so i think its about time i comment, ive been signed up for too long now and not wrote anything,

so i know the deadline is in 8 days, but i am seriously considering it, i have looked at other companies and this still seems to be best, irrigardless of the recent bad press...

ok so i am a but of a worryer, and the thought of flying to china alone actually makes me feel sick (dont worry its just nerves as the furthest ive flew is Greece), so are you guys planning any kind of meet up before hand? As have any of you guys considered going on the same flight to china, as that would really calm my nerves...

if this has always been discussed then i apoligise i have been reading the boards on/off, so it might have already been discussed and i have just missed it...

dont worry im gonna save my other questions for the lucky individual who happens to pick up the phone when i call TEFL later...

I think I am gonna sign up too despite all the bad press. What confuses me is that you guys have paid already. Is there an application/interview process that needs to be gone through or did you just pay?

Also what is the timescale for getting a visa for China?  The closer all this gets the more daunting it becomes!

Any help anyone can provide with the above would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks! Emmet




Good on you both!!!

I have sent  through the initial forms but have to do the package you down load still.

I'll jump on facebook now!!!

I cant wait

Hi! my names jess, and i paid2 do the internship also. I have also read the warning messages but have heard so many good things also and just think it would be a fantastic experience and adventure :) waiting to hear back, have u heard back from them yet?

also theres a facebook group called china internship august 2011 which u can join, some of the chalkboard ppl going 2 china in august have joined, a girl named gaby started it up.


Fair play to you! Im nervous too I am going on the Thaialnd intership as I can't wait another 5 months. I plan to teach in China after the internship.


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