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Comments - No Degree? No Problem! You Can Still Teach Abroad!

Hi all,

I'm from South Africa and looking into finding employment in China. Would love to teach in South Korea, but no degree unfortunately. Starting my TEFL course soon.
Any advice on the best ways to look?

Hi everyone :) My friend and I are interested in teaching in Europe.  I have a degree in English and Journalism (now going into my honours) but he doesn't. We both plan on doing the 140 hours TEFL course. We're from South Africa so neither of us have an EU passport. I've noticed that Spain accepts people without degrees but it seems like you need an EU passport. Realistically, what are the chances of both of us getting a job in Europe?

Do you know of any TEFL jobs in India? Business English in particular (but not limited to!). I'm from South Africa and have 180hrs TEFL Diploma from ITEFLI.

I am almost into my 3rd year in China. I will admit, it is becoming increasingly hard to get a job here without a degree. I don't have one.

Hi :) I'm very interested in Latin America and have a degree but my friend doesn't. Is it hard to get a working visa wothout one? We plan to go together eventually and it wouldn't be ideal if one of us only had a tourist visa...

I noticed THAILAND wasn't on there, and I did get a 12 month contract without a degree, it was a 100 hour contract, however after 5 months of 150 hours a month on top of VISA runs the working conditions became unbearable, the school even asked me to do a TEFL course (after 5 months !!)  - so that was the last straw, I went freelancing in Bangkok and did okay for 7 more months before returning to the UK to study a CELTA... now looking at China...

I am from Iran . I have been thinking about teaching abroad recently , mainly Europe . I have CELTA certificate and CAE , but unfortunatly not a university or college degree . I wondered if it is possible to teach English in Europe , considering the fact that I am not a native speaker and with no degree .

Hey Woodwater,

That's great you're thinking about teaching English in Portugal. TEFL courses are recognized in Portugal. I guess it would just depend on you whether you think you would benefit from gaining a TEFL qualification and how confident you would be teaching English. 

Hope this helps you and if you have any more questions feel free to ask me :-)

By the way, I understand Spanish,which could be an advantage in South America


I`m Portuguese and am undecided about whether I should take the TEFL course or not.

I didn`t finish my University course but I`ve got the Cert. of Proficiency and teaching experience in Portugal.

I wonder if the TEFL would help,even here in Portugal?


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