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Settling In!

    It's been just under a month since I packe up my bags and moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia after a year of living in Bangkok, Thailand. So far, things are settling in nice and everything is falling into place.  I got a fanastic opportunity to volunteer with an amazing organization and assist them with their English curriculum, which includes teaching.  I'll also be doing some writing and administration tasks for them which I very excited about too! It will be great to expand my knowledge and skills, so that way I will always have some way to continue supporting my lifestyle abroad! 

    It was difficult to say goodbye to Thailand; I fell in love with country and life was so "normal" there. Sometimes I shake my head when I have moments of realizing that I spent the last YEAR of my life there and that things like, rice for every meal, baht currency and riding on the back of motorbikes became so natural. Now that I have moved onto Cambodia, I still have moments when everything seems to stop and I realize once again that, "Wow, I'm living in another country, this is my new "normal!"'

   I love living in Cambodia. I'm so happy with my choice and I knew it would be the right one. I may be a bit biased because I fell in love with a local, but I loved this country even before I fell in love with him. The culture is so multilayered, the people are so friendly and city is an intriguing mix of traditional and Western culture. I'm also really happy to be donating my time to teach English voluntarily; the country is in dire need of native speakers to teach the disadvatanged youth of this country.  Poverty is rampant in this country and you can't walk down the street without the grim site of young child dressed in rags picking through the trash...yet their resilience and desire to learn is infectious and it is a privilege to be able to teach them and be a beacon of hope. 

   The other day I got my 1 year visa. So here it goes, one more year abroad in one more country.  We'll see what happens a year from now, but I got a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg of my life living and working abroad!


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Hi Jess,

Good to hear you're settling into life in Cambodia rather nicely...

It's great you're teaching English as a volunteer, I'm sure you'll find it a very worthwhile experience indeed.

Keep us posted as to how you're getting on.

Here's to the next year!

Take care,


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