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So, I have been in teacher training with my company for the last week and a half and so far I am really impressed with how much they invest in us! The training has been phenomenal and as a first time teacher I feel very lucky to have so much resources at my disposal! Apparently, this is not the norm; most teachers are just handed a book and thrown into the classroom!

Thai children are an absolute joy. Right now, many are still a bit shy around me, but there have been a few that have warmed up and I can tell that once I get my own classes/students, I am going to have so much fun teaching them! Really, you just need to give them a warm smile and just have fun with them! They love silly faces, high fives, praise and SMILES and laughs!  It can be tough though because many are shy of you and it is difficult to get them to talk, or answer a question...but you just have to stay positive and remind yourself not to take it personally.  When the semester starts and I have my own students, I'm sure I will have more to say!!

Tomorrow I begin a 3 day teaching stint at a boys orphanage. I'm sure their will provide me with a good dose of perspective both about life and my choice to pursue teaching Enlgish.

If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :)


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Great blog! Gives me an insight as to what to expect in the first few days of teaching...good luck with it and hopefully we can swap notes along the way!

Hi, hope you have fun. Im considering doing the course but have no Teaching background and am unsure whether its best to do the course in the UK or go to Thailand and hope lol!!

Any advice would really be appreciated.

Also do you know what the expected wages are and reality in making a living or enough to actually live on?!

Many thanks.

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