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I have arrived in Thailand!

Hello everyone! I have arrived in Thailand to begin a teaching job! I have been here for 4 days so far and have had a great time! I have managed to get an apartment, ride on the back of a motorbike, get a cellphone, take the skytrain and visit the MBK center! It has been overwhelming, but so far I have enjoyed myself and I like it here! have been busy.  Training begins on Monday for my teaching job! I am certainly nervous, actually I am VERY nervous, but I'm looking foward to the challenge and meeting new people!

If anyone is in Thailand, please let me know so we can meet up :)


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Hi, It sounds like you are having a great time already! I arrive on the Thailand Internship first thing Saturday morning! Any advise when it comes to the packing? (Actually any advise in general would be greatly appreciated!) Susie

wow...!! it sounds like fun...thailand is the land of smiles..i'm sure u'll haf a great time there Jess!! Good luck!!

hey, its sounds like your having a good time. I'm going to Thailand next week for the Thailand internship flying in for the 23rd. Let me know how the teaching goes and will see if we could meet up.

cya soon.



Wow - sounds like you're having an amazing time! Good luck with the teaching, let us know how it goes!


Soooooo jealous:-) Wish i was there sounds like great fun!!:-)



Hi JessRW14,

Thailand is one of my options to teach next year? How are you finding it so far? I know u've only been there a short while. What is ur contarct like with the school?I'm kinda worried that teaching abroad wont leave anytime to really see the country. I really wanna teach but would be a shame to go that far and not see the country! Can you shed any light on this? How long is ur contract for? And how is the salary compared to the living cos in Thailandt?


Sorry to ask so many questions just eager to find out more info!! I wish u all the best in ur new adventure!!!:-0

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