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Hey everyone! Just a quick question: I have passed my last assignment(!!), now is there any steps I have to take to recieve my certificate in the mail? or just sit back and wait for it to arrive?

Thanksss :)


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Aw, I'm glad Chalkboard's helped you in feeling more comfortable about heading out to teach - it's exactly what the site is about! Good luck in Thailand and make sure you keep us posted with how you get on :)

Thank you for that link!

Nope, I got this job through I am very excited, nervous, but mostly excited! I met a wonderful person on Chalkboard who taught in Thailand before and she was incredibly helpful, so I feel alot more comfortable than I would have if I hadn't spoken with her!


No, should be taken care of just fine - but if for whatever reason it doesn't turn up after a few weeks, drop an email to and they'll chase it up for you.

That's so exciting about your job in Thailand - are you taking part in the internship?

Hey Honor, thank you for the reply. I didn't go to the classroom course because it was canceled, so I did 120 hours online...anything I need to do next or it should be taken care of on its own?

I will be leaving for Thailand in early October for a job! I am very excited, but hence why I am anxious to get my certificate...I'd really like to get it before I leave instead of my parents mailing it to me later!

Thanks for your help!

Hey Jess,

Congratulations on finishing your course! As long as you completed the post course questionaire after your classroom TEFL course (if applicable), you TEFL certificate should arrive in the post in around 2-4 weeks.

Where are you hoping to head now you've finished it?

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