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Hey everyone! I am currently working on my TEFL 140hr cert. and am VERY excited! I just finished up the grammar section and I'm already thinking about my first teaching job! I'm pretty much set on teaching in Thailand or Indonesia(leaning heavily towards Thailand)...somewhere in SE Asia where there is an abundance of cheap fruit :)  Oh, and I'm really hoping to get a job for the fall; that would be fantastic as I'd rather be teaching than working in a dead-end retail job! 

Does anyone have any tips? I know i-to-i has the internship in Thailand, but I'm just not in a finacial position where I can spend $1000+ on that...besides, I feel like I'm somewhat ready(is anyone ever ready for anything?) to jump right into teaching!!

Thanks everyone and it is a pleasure to have this helpful community! Peace!


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I'm all about the "do it yourself" way when looking for work.  Some people feel the need for internships and others don't!  Nothing wrong with that.  I understand the funds side of it also. 

I'd start looking around for jobs and researching some of the schools you find that are looking for help.  Search things like "TEFL jobs in Thailand" and then when you find a school that's hiring, google the school and see if you find any reviews about it.

Good luck and welcome to the Chalkboard!'s a great place to look for advice and jobs - you might also want to get in touch with Gareth, who found work in Thailand independently:

Good luck with your job hunt and enjoy the rest of your course!

Hey Jess,

I taught over in Thailand for a few years first in Bangkok, then in the North East and the South up until a couple of years ago.My advice is once you have your TEFL head to Thailand and ask around at various Schools, as most decent Schools rarely take you on without actually meeting you first these days.This will also give you a chance to look around the School, ask about teaching facillities and see if that particular School is for you!There is a really good website which is geared towards qualified teachers looking to work in Thailand that is well worth looking at.This will give you lots of info on places to stay, good/not so good Schools and information on visas/tax etc.Good Luck, if you have any further questions let me know!

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