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I really need some of your help! I really want to work/travel in south east asia and Cambodia is at the top of my list. Is it easy to obtain a work visa and job without a degree? and is the whole process of getting a work visa straight forward? is it easy to make friends out there?

Thank You!

Hi ya im looking to come back to Cambodia to teach some of these young kids English in the best way I can. Iv'e got my TEFL course booked and i know Cambodia pretty well although I didn't spend much time in Phnom Penh (if I'm being honest I still don't think I don't know exactly how to pronounce it!!!) on the verge of a big adventure but I can't wait and looking more forward to seeing some results. If theres any small things you can help me with I'd be very grateful and good luck with your new journey xx

Hey, Jess!  Erin has reffered me to you, because she had discovered that I am vegan! I am thrilled to meet another vegan through TEFL! Great profile.

Thanks heaps for your advice. Northern Cambodia sounds great to explore and yes thanks for volunteering info. I am deffinatly going to have a little break teching and quite interested in more orphanage work but I could deffinatly look into it :) Yes that would be great to meet up when Im there :) Unfortunatly Ive never learnt how to private message on here but heres my email and you could maybe delete the post once youve got it :)    hope all is going well. I realy cant wait to head to CAmbodia the more I hear about it the more amazing it sounds. Have a great week:)

Hey Jess! Just stumbled apon your page and wanted to get in touch! I am currently doing the teaching internship in China and have booked a flight to Cambodia when it has finished. I cannot wait as i have always wanted to go there. I plan on just going with the flow and travel, volunteer and just experince cambodia as a whole... I will hopefully find a job at somepoint aswell. Im going with a friend I met in China and am so excited! Are you loving it? and do you have any recomendations of places to go and stay? Im going to try and spent as little as possible. Will be great to hear from you! Hope you are having a great day.


Annah :)


Been a while, so thought i'll send ya a lil message.

Hope everthing is still going well!!:-) I'm still in England planning to teach abroad. Just saving money and putting some plans into place before i make the leap into the unknown!!

Cant remember was you on the Thailand internship? Hows was your new year and xmas? Bet it was great!!

Well hope to hear from you soon:-) x

Hey. great blog! I am moving to Bangkok as a substitute teacher so we should meet up for a drink one day! Hope you're still loving it...any plans for new year? x

Hey, Thanks for the info! I have gone for t shirts and shorts as well as linen trousers so I'm hoping that will do! The market sounds great though so fingers crossed I have enough time to get there before I go wherever I am heading to teach (I don't know that until I get there!) We'll see if we can meet up on the way!Sounds like you are having a great time already! x


i'm halfway thru my contract in korea, shopping destinations. Looking forward to hearing more about your experience in Thailand! 

Hi JessRW14:-0)

Thanxs for getting in contact with me!:-) So fab to hear that at the moment you are happy with the decision youve made to teach abroad. Sounds your salary compared to your expediture is quite neat nice to hear that if i do decide to teach out there i would'nt have to worry to much finacial. But i wil def take a look at that link you gave me cause i guess different jobs vary.


So happy when u said u were worried bout gettin to c the country as well as working, but i guess its about getting the balance right, and u got the right idea about trying to cram things in in the weekend and the breaks you get off as well. Its quite intense though innit 2 1/2 month breaks is not that much considering its a year contract. But i exspected it to be full on so not surprised to be honest.


I'm def gonna keep in contact would love to hear about your teaching experiences as you go on and all the exciting things ur gonna get up too! Wishing u all the best hun. Keep in touch p.s i've added u as a friend now so theres no getting rid of me! x:-0)

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