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Okay, So I've been dreading this..

I have been dreading asking this question, and have also just considered pretending it doesn't bother me.. but i guess it does.


Are there any gay TEFL'ers who've had a hard time finding work or something because of sexuality?

I remember reading somewhere that its not uncommon for them to ask you personal questions like this when being interviewed in countries like China and such.  But has anyone ever experienced any problems because of this? Or is this an empty concern? 


Any info would be appreciated. I just don't want to run into any trouble, so I'd rather ask. 


peace and happiness. 


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Thanks for the info Jeffrey :D

As I said, i only asked as I read they could ask you questions like that, and it might influence whether or not they hire you :)


peace and happiness. 

I'm working in China at a University and I was never asked anything about my sexuality or relationships, or even if I had any sort of partner, when interviewed or any other time.  All the questions they asked me were directly related to the job.  No personal questions whatsoever.  - Jeffrey

*for the info. 

Yes :)

I understand that its a concern for anyone applying for any job in a new country, but since my concern is with TEFL Jobs i worded it as such. Thanks so much for info :D

Pretty much what Briona said, double check that the country you want to teach in accepts homosexuality. Also, whilst some countries don't have homosexuality listed as illegal there are unfortunately some very homophobic ridiculous people out there.

From my experience, you won't be discriminated in Thailand, Camboda, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia or Indonesia. As I have met EFL teachers from these places and some were in fact homosexual and loving their jobs! I guess South East Asia is quite accepting of homosexuality. 

Overall, it's not an empty concern but I think it applies to anyone who is going for ANY job to be fair. However I wouldn't worry too much. :) 

Thanks once again. :)

The only reason this is a concern is because I do not want to get to a country or a new job and find out im jobless based on sexuality. 

The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office website helped loads! 

Quite aside from the teaching aspect, I'd recommend choosing a country where homosexuality is not illegal. The website of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/) provides up-to-date travel and safety information on every country in the world. For information on homosexuality, check out the 'local laws and customs' section of your chosen country.

Whilst teaching in Vietnam I worked with a couple of gay teachers. If they had any problems, I certainly wasn't aware of them. They seemed popular with staff and students alike. I guess if you aren't offered a job BECAUSE you're gay, you should consider it a lucky escape! After all, who wants to work for a bigoted twit!  :)

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