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182616_10150395759195621_676095620_17301259_7003069_n_medium LaurenMetz 8 posts

hey guys,

Just wanted to see if anyone else is in the process of applying for feb 2012? where you all planning on going and how far are you into the mound of paper work that there is to prepare before we even get there!!!! be cool to meet people before we get there!!!

mucho loveness


429468_10151222580825105_858315104_22642365_825889773_n_medium Elkist 41 posts

Hey Lauren! I am in the process, i have just finished the 500 page application form and am now at the stage to order the CRB check and university transcripts. I am still unsure whether i will defer my application till the August one but if i do i will have alllll the forms ready to go at least :P Really excitying though!!

How about you?


Nicolechair_medium WanderingHeart 3 posts

Hi Lauren,

I'm hoping to go in February 2012 too! I've got most of my documents and now I'm just waiting for my background check to come back. I am waiting to schedule an interview too! I'm still working on TEFL course and hope to finishe soon. I am applying for Incheon. Where do you hope to teach?

Have a good one,

Icon_missing_medium LesleyHolloway 2 posts

HI! I have also applied to EPIK 2012 with a friend of mine. Paperwork all done and just doing my TEFL for additional training - how is that going for everyone? I've just completed my teachers certificate and looking for some international experience teaching. Im really excited and nervous so its great to find others who are also going. Im hoping to go to Seoul



28953_10100232471581960_7901316_61325386_4076910_n_medium vlonghorn 1 post

I am also planning for the February start date.  I have Incheon for my first choice.  I just finished the application, and sent off for my background check.  Yay!  I'm super scared about the interview part, but excited to get it all over with.  The process is daunting, but it will be worth it in the end. 

Rikki_medium rikkiluu 2 posts

Hello guys, I've got all the docs sorted out and i'm hoping to go to busan. I hear its pretty chilled out over there and the nightlife is pretty decent. I've applied for the feb intake so not long to go!

429468_10151222580825105_858315104_22642365_825889773_n_medium Elkist 41 posts

Application is sent, will be going to EPIK february 2012 if they accept me :P Just waiting on disclosure and university transcripts both are ordered. And of course an interview. My first choice is Daegu and second is Busan cant wait!!! :P

218465_1808948097927_1066681511_1642053_3097452_o_medium kristenlphipps 5 posts

Hi! I am also applying for February 2012. Super excited about it! I started my TEFL course last night. I am hoping that all of my paperwork will be ready in time! I have a lot still to do. Fingers crossed!

Img_1357_medium txlumberjack 1 post

Hi! I applied for the February 2012 date! I will have my final interview in  a few weeks! What cities did you pick to live in?

2_medium ParkY01 5 posts

I applied for the February 2012 semester as well. My top two choices are Seoul and Incheon. I've been waiting on my CBC to arrive (nervous of potential government filing errors) and waiting on my renewed passport since it had expired this summer. I'm just organizing all my documents and waiting for my interview to be scheduled. Also, S. Korea requires passport photos to be 3cm x 4cm, which is different from the size of the standard US passport photo (2in x 2in). I'm not so worried about the interview process as the possibilities of any paperwork error; you can never be too careful! >_<

Mustache_me_medium dgarwacki 2 posts

So I guess that I'm a little late to the party (aka this message), but I applied for EPIK Feb 2012 as well! I passed both of my interviews (recruiter and EPIK) and am just waiting for my FBI bg check...hoping that everything works out!! First choice was Busan :)

2_medium ParkY01 5 posts

Congratulations, dgarwacki! I recently passed my EPIK interview process and am just waiting on my CBC as well. However, are you as nervous as I am about the CBC process? I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't come back with an error or gets lost in the process. I submitted my CBC application in Sept 23 and was the $18 was charged on Oct 28. I'm assuming that my CBC result will arrive in the mail before the month is over; it's just a bit frustrating to not be able to check on the status while playing the waiting game.

429468_10151222580825105_858315104_22642365_825889773_n_medium Elkist 41 posts

I am really looking forwards to this now! The waiting is terrible :P But i passed my interview and just recently got Korean rosetta stone programme so gonna start on that to keep me busy :)

How is everyone else who is going getting on??

000k052lvqf_medium amcurtin 1 post

Hey guys,


Is there anyone from Ireland applying for feb 2012??? I've been scheduled for an interview so fingers crossed that all goes well!

I'm so excited and nervous at the thought of going to the other side of the world on my own :0 :) i'm hoping to go to Busan.



377214_10150964517895072_806380071_21845637_1910926447_n_medium linette4 6 posts

Hi guys!!! I passed my interview a week or so ago and will be sending in all my final paperwork to Korea tomorrow afternoon. From there it's just a waiting game. I hoped to get into Incheon, Daegu, or Busan, but slots are closing fast. I know that Incheon has no more spaces. I'm excited. Now I just have to finish my TEFL classes by January 23rd to ensure I'm able to go. 

Let us know if you have gotten you NOA so maybe we can start a group once we get there!!!


429468_10151222580825105_858315104_22642365_825889773_n_medium Elkist 41 posts

EPIK Spring 2012


Facebook group i have been using for a while now. Loads of people in exactly the same boat as the rest of us and quite a few people who are actually teaching with EPIK at the moment. Some really good advice and answers to burning questions if anyone wants to join :)

Icon_missing_medium ckielt 2 posts

Hi guys, has anyone been placed in Gyeongbuk? Just got notification from my recruiter (footprints) that EPIK have placed me there for a February start! Not sure exactly where yet and it's apparently one of the biggest provinces! I hope I'm close to Daegu though which was my second choice destination behind Busan!

Conor Kielt

Icon_missing_medium Nickturv 1 post

Hey all! I just got my confirmation that I will be in Busan =D Looking forward to seeing you all in orientation !


971995_10151417848441627_1228472753_n_medium PDixon 181 posts

Hi...this might be a silly question or quite possibly already answered BUT for the EPIK program do they only have start dates in February?


Dscn0684_medium mahalath 150 posts

Hey Paul,

It's not a silly question! They have a start date in August as well. You can come over in Feburary to start teaching in March or you can come over in August to start teaching in September. The school year runs from March, so I think there's a few more positions then, but plenty come in August. There are limited openings in the school year as well, when teachers up and leave for whatever reason.

Me2_medium Emmaz 7 posts

Hi everyone, as you have already been through the process I was wondering whether I could ask a few questions? I am from the United Kingdom where do I apply for my CRC check? x

Dscn0684_medium mahalath 150 posts

The easiest was is to apply for a basic CRB from disclosure Scotland. I think you can also do it through your local police station, but I'm not certain about this.

Me2_medium Emmaz 7 posts

Hey me again, also any tips on the EPIK lesson plan? Im uncertain of what to do it on? Is it also meant to be 2 sides long?

429468_10151222580825105_858315104_22642365_825889773_n_medium Elkist 41 posts

I am already out here if you need any help just drop me a message. I am crazily busy atm but always reply 

Dscf0019_medium Flynn89 7 posts

Hi guys!

I've literally just started the 140 hour course, passed the first assignment and I've just started looking into what the possibilities are for when I've finished.

I've read all of your messages here and have looked at the EPIK site and so far so good, there's just a few things I'm confused about and I'd love a little bit of help if anyone can offer it :)

So what way does this work? Do I complete my tefl course and then apply for jobs via EPIK? Should I really be doing this now rather than waiting until I have the course done or do I have to prove I've passed the course before I can apply?

I know this seems like a fairly clueless message but I've just started so I want to gather as much info as I can :) Any advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers guys! :)


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