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2013-06-04_12 AlixM09 88 posts


Just thought I'd mention problems I've had doing assignments using Goolgle's new 'Chrome' browser.  

When doing a writing piece in Internet Explorer, you get a whole load of editing tools so that you can format your work into columns etc if required.  You can make columns in Chrome too, using spaces, but if the tutor uses a different browser, all you formatting will be lost and it will come out all jumbled up.

I discovered this on the question about organising a board.  It took me ages to work out why the tutor had only given me 10/20 and then advised me to organise my vocab into columns.  I did make columns!  It was only when I opened the assignment in Explorer that i realised the difference.  I handed the work back in without changing it but with a different browser and got full marks.

So watch out! Use Explorer. or, presumably Firefox is OK, I haven't tried it because it always crashes on my computer for some reason.



Me_khaoyai1_medium nojohnso 14 posts

Thanks for the heads up! I use Google Chrome as my primary browser. I will make sure to do the course work in IE from now on.

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