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Checkpoint Four: Teaching the Skills

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Icon_missing_medium dasta 8 posts

can someone please please help me with this.............letter of complaint and the next one debate/discussion..please please

Icon_missing_medium dasta 8 posts

thanks to everyone for there help........................i hope none of ye get stuck.......i-to-i is a joke

Img_1131_medium Spiwak432 4 posts

Did you get it worked out?  I rarely check this group... but if you need help I will see what I can do.

Icon_missing_medium deirdreLyon 3 posts

can you help me with checkpoint 4 question 3 really stuck on it please and thanks

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Icon_missing_medium dasta 8 posts

what do you need to know.........which questions

Icon_missing_medium Sammi70 2 posts

I´m finding this checkpoint really hard, spent the entire day on it and still got 3 questions to answer!Can´t say that I'm confident that my answers to the other questions are right either! any suggestions would be appreciated.

N1216539228_30094253_2281_medium emmafoers 71 posts

Hello to all!

Dasta - what part of the letter of complaint and debate are you stuck on specifically?

Deirdre - when deciding what level I would place someone I look at the grammar structures they are using and also the vocabulary.  This gets easier the more levels you teach.  It will be difficult to place them as you haven't taught yet, but the idea is to get you to start thinking about and analysing a student's level.

To see what grammar you would expect them to know at each level have a look at this brief table of what to expect:

Hope these help!

Hello_medium Tania88 9 posts

This checkpoint really has me struggling, iv been doing it for nearly 2 days :(

im also having trouble with the first question. so far i have :

To introduce the topic I would come in to the classroom looking very upset and annoyed and explain to my class that while out at a restaurant last night my food order had come to me cold. I would ask the students what they think I should do about it to elicit the idea of writing a letter. A class discussion on some things that students are unhappy about would generate ideas for their letter writng task, and woudl be written up on the board

and thats it. If anybody can help with a good website or lesson plans, things like that, i would really appreciate it


N1216539228_30094253_2281_medium emmafoers 71 posts

Hi Tanya,


Don't worry - you have three attempts - if you are struggling with any areas your tutor will direct you in the right area.  Just try to give examples where possible.

Hello_medium Tania88 9 posts

thanks emma

i will have to do that question againg though :( along with question 8 :(


Jakarta_2009_2_005_medium Cheekyface 11 posts

Help...I am stuck on Checkpoint 4 q 5. Can someone please help me with this one? I have been 2 days on this CP so far and its annoying me now...I just want to get through it.


Fenz_medium Chua3421 4 posts

Hi all!

I had just started on my checkpoint 4 and i am stucked with the first question!

will someone please guide me along? as i do not know how to start off at all!

i had taken a look with the rest of the questions, this checkpoint does not seem to be easy at all. =(




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