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Help with online course checkpoint 3

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Icon_missing_medium CPARRY88 3 posts

So, checkpoint 3 - teaching the language...


Ive failed question 7 - "How does the teacher make the meaning (i.e. function, concept) of the structure clear?" twice now and obviously can't afford to fail it again... but I really am at a complete loss as to how I'm supposed to answer this question. I've mentioned that the teacher in e video uses concept questions and a time line on the board but my tutor says that that is not what the question is asking... any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Profile_pic_i-to-i_medium honor 115 posts

Hey Christine,


Your next port of call should be our online TEFL helpdesk - the guys there will pass your query onto one of our tutors and you should get some help within 24 hours - just email


Good luck!

Monal_medium Monique 21 posts

Give examples  e.g. if it’s the module I think it is, he asks the students to think of an adjective and to guess the meaning of the unknown word by asking a concept question based on the information in the situation.


What was the new language structure that was being taught?

Write a sentence using the new language structure

And then write a concept question.


Why did he use a timeline? To show the difference between what?

Why was the timeline particularly effective?  To show the meaning of what?


Hope it helps and that I haven’t confused you even more!



Icon_missing_medium jennebel 8 posts

Hi all, I'm also having trouble with this checkpoint. Specifically, what level would you say the class is at for question 11? It's difficult to hear the students speak when asked to answer questions on their own due to poor recording quality. I'm stuck between answering with a high beginner level or low intermediate. Thanks!

Icon_missing_medium jennebel 8 posts

Sorry, I meant question 4.

Monal_medium Monique 21 posts


I’d say about XXXXXX.  There was a lot of drilling in the class, both as a group and individually. The teacher gave them a lot of support throughout the lesson - at higher levels they would be more autonomous and have more free speaking.  Hope it helps.

Good Luck


Icon_missing_medium maxinegorman 1 post


I'm wondering if anyone can help, I'm stuck on question 30 in checkpoint 3 and this is my last attempt! I've been told to think about how the word has been pronounced and how it should be pronounced? I'm so confused!


Hello_its_me Melinda154 1 post

hi guys how did you get on with checkpoint 3. I'm startung it tomorrow and it scares the hell out of me. Any tips you can advise would be great.

Kind Regards



Icon_missing_medium Sammi70 2 posts

I'm also struggling with this checkpoint, especially question 25, so any suggestions would be appreciated.


Alicia3_medium perucha180 3 posts

G'day guys, can anybody check my answer to question 11 ( checkpoint 3 ) , if you send me your email i will email you what i have done , my tutor wants me to redo this question so i can pass this section.



Picture0001_medium eoinleahy 1 post

Hi is there anyone able to give me help with CHECKPOINT 3? if you could I would really appreciate it! :)

Icon_missing_medium jason5381 2 posts

Hi..I'm struggling with this checkpoint to. Any guidence would be appreciated.

Img_0553_1_medium MorganT 3 posts

hi!! i am starting this checkpoint now and it looks rather daunting!! does anyone have any tips to get through it?

Presentation1_cuba_medium JQUINN88 1 post


Like everyone else i'm really struggling with the checkpoint, has any grasped Q's 25 + 30-37.

I've been doing this all evening, it's never taken me so long.

Any help's greatly appreciated. Thanks

N1216539228_30094253_2281_medium emmafoers 71 posts


For Q25, you need to follow the stages of 'demo', 'drill', 'check it' and 'do it'.  There's a really good model in the learning module that you can use to help you.  You need to choose vocabulary and sentences appropriate to the level you are teaching.


For questions 30-37, these are all speaking mistakes.  Also see the learning module for examples of what types of speaking mistakes students can make.  The level of the student is given in brackets to help you assess why they made the mistake.

Hope this helps!

Icon_missing_medium joyous05 3 posts

Hey Melinda- Let's work on it together! I'm at the same level as you are...

P1020480_medium JulietM 7 posts

Hi Melinda

I've just got q.25 to do on Checkpoint 3, pretty tough going but read all the info you've been given from past summaries to help. Juliet

St832780_medium majibade24 1 post

Hi. im finding check point 3 really difficult. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do. especially the questions which go with the video and question 11. really do not want to fail this at all. like any links to help me with the questions would be great!

Icon_missing_medium melissa260588 1 post

hey...i passed checkpoint 3 on my first attempt..if you need help...send me an email

Icon_missing_medium tobycoco 1 post

Hi all im really stuck on questions 30 - 37 also, this is now my last attempt, please please can someone help me?

my email address is

Please help!!!!!!!!!


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