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Checkpoint 4 Lesson Plan Adverbs of Frequency

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Bern_medium Bernardo88 2 posts


I am writing a lesson plan, but I need some kind of advice. Can you please look at it and give me some feedback?

Objective: to learn and practise the vocabulary of hobbies and to revise adverbs of frequency.

Here is what I have so far:


Warmer: Students ask each other how often they do something. (eg. How often do you study?) If the person who asks doesn't understand the sentence, the person who answers explains it. The teacher writes the sentences on the board.
Revise: The adverbs of frequency (S-T 4 mins)

Lead-in: Elicit new vocabulary using realia and mime.
(e.g. Mime a runner, bring headphones to teach the "listening to music", etc) (T-S 3 mins)

Presentation: Write a list of words (vocabulary of hobbies) on the board, explaining the meaning. Ask the students what they like or dislike from the list. (T-S 5 mins)

Presentation: Write sentences on the board about the new vocabulary introduced and then tell them to say chorally to check pronunciation. Show flash cards of people doing some of the hobbies and ask students to individually guess them. (T-S-T-S 4 mins)

Presentation: Now that the vocabulary is introduced, start to write sentences including adverbs of frequency related to hobbies. (e.g. I usually watch television.) Ask concept questions to check understanding. (S-T T-S-T 5 mins)

Controlled practice Conduct a controlled exercise (there are several sentences and the students need to fill in the gaps using the words provided).


__________ I watch television.

a) Always

b) Sometimes

c) Never

d) Regularly

After that, ask students to do peer-correction. (T-S-S 6 mins)

Controlled practice: Set the seat arrangement to wheel shape to watch a video (people doing different hobbies). Students are randomly chosen to write on the board what are the people doing in the video and how often. (T-S 7 mins)

Production: Mime activity. Students individually mime an hobby and the rest of the class have to guess which hobby it is.
E.g. A student miming a football player. The class have to guess the hobby "Football" and then ask each other how often they do that hobby. (S-T 9 mins)

Homework: Set worksheet with gap-fill exercises. (T-S 1 min)

Thank you.

Icon_missing_medium NontyD3 1 post

It is also good idea to include the target language (TL), assumed knowledge, anticipated problem/s and solution/s with your lesson plan so that the tutor can see if you are able to teach your TL in your lesson.

Bern_medium Bernardo88 2 posts

Yes, I have, and I passed the assesment! Thanks :)

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