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Is TEFL suitable for a Family going abroad to teach

I whant to know if TEFL is suitable for a family of 3 and if there will be schools for my son of 5 years to attend.  Is there anybody out there that can give me a bit more advise
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Finding work locally in The Algarve, Portugal.

Hello All, I am a new TEFL teacher, and I will be arriving in southern Portugal very soon. I am hoping that I will be abled to get some advice on finding work when on the ground in a local area. If anyone who has worked there before has got any advice I would be very gratefull. I will be looking in Albufeira for jobs, if anyone knows about teaching there it would be a...
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Working in Açores..

Anyone knows anything about working as an English teacher in Açores (Portugal)?...I'd love to also go there! (with my baby boy of course :)).
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Advice Guide: Finding work in Europe

Except where otherwise stated, the information below relates to the role of EFL/ESOL TEACHER in a private language school. Qualifications, hours of work and salaries will be different for those looking to work as Senior Teacher, Young Learner Coordinator, Exams Coordinator, ADoS or DoS, and also for primary/secondary teachers.   THE BASICS Generally speaking, to find legal work in Europe you must be (a) the holder of a passport from an EU member state, either...
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Academic school years

Hi   Is anytone out there able to share information on academic years. I am finding it difficult to find out dates or general months.   I'm keen to teach in a few places such as Spain, Portugal, Brazil or China so information throughout the world would be great
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Though frequently overlooked in favour of Spain, Portugal has an ever-growing market for EFL teachers. Demand is greatest in north and central Portugal, with jobs cropping up in historic centres such as Coimbra, Braga and Viseu and in small seaside towns like Aveiro and Póvoa do Varzim. Wages are generally low (€700-1,000 net per month) but the cost of living, at least outside the big cities, is reasonable. As with everywhere else in Europe, an EU passport is preferred.

Info adapted from 'Teaching English Abroad' (ninth edition) by Susan Griffith

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