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Pict1967_medium tina_lfs 1 post

I am doing my 120 hours online tefl course. I am a non native english speaker from india. I have a degree in computer engineering and i have worked for companies like accenture and  oracle for the past 4 years. I speak good english, and i wanted to know, what is the chances of me getting a teaching job in asian countries, apart from my home country, india?

Is there any criteria that you have to be a native english speaker in these countries?  or you should be from european or american countries ?

it would be great if someone clarifies my doubt.



Icon_missing_medium gitachoudhary 1 post

hello tania,

I am also from India but living in spain right now. I wanted to do tefl certification. I am willing to do it online too. can you tell me how are u doing the tefl certification. my email address is





Lin_en_cherry_mooi_medium Timmers743 4 posts

I'm from the Netherlands, and just finished my 140 hour course. However, a lot of the job requirements state that they seek native speakers with a passport from an English speaking country. Does that mean that it will be pointless for me to react on these jobs? I already posted this questions several times, and emailed i-to-i, but so far no-one really answered it for me.. 

Are there any non-native speakers that can share their own experiences with me? 




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