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Getting certs without specialist modules

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Icon_missing_medium stylermoses 2 posts

I'm doing the 120 hour course. I've completed the main course and the grammar course, but I haven't completed the 4 specialist modules yet (Doing the weekend course this weekend) and the course expires in 3 days.

I've gotten the online cert for the 2 courses I have done. What I'm wondering can I still get sent certs for them without the modules or is it one certificate to show I've completed the 120 hour course which I won't get now? Surely I'd have the same qualifications as someone who did them separately.

Monal_medium Monique 21 posts

I also did the 120 hour course. I received one certificate in the post that states that I passed the 120 hours of training.  On the reverse of the certificate it lists the individual modules i.e. Grammar Awareness Course (20 hours), Teaching English One-to-One (5 hours) Teaching English to Young Learners (5 hours) Teaching English to Large classes (5 hours), Teaching with Limited Resources (5 hours) Online TEFL course (60 hours) Weekend TEFL Course (20 hours)

I did complete the 4 specialist modules which are quite intensive.  It definitely took me longer than the estimated 5 hours per module!  You still have 3 days so …:)


19948_621766543314_61306417_38811707_853266_n_medium lsummers86 11 posts

Hi guys

In order to get your certificate in the post you have 2 options. You can either complete your specialist certificates, which may mean extending your course. OR you can have them deleted from your account, which means you'd receive a slightly lower qualification. Please call the Courses Team on +44 113 2054602 to discuss your options.



Icon_missing_medium stylermoses 2 posts

OK Thanks. I'll give them a call.

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