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Best web sources for efl/esl?

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Red_344_medium Red86 6 posts

Does anyone have any advice on what the best sites are for help with lesson planning and exercises?  There are so many sites, it's hard to find one or even a few that are consistently useful, so if anyone has any hints I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks.



N1216539228_30094253_2281_medium emmafoers 71 posts

Hey Red,

I find this site is useful and also 

Hope these help - there are tons more out there too!  I keep finding great websites everyday!

2013-06-04_12 AlixM09 88 posts

I definitely recommend one stop english - there are some things you must subscribe to but it's fairly cheap and the stuff on there is generally really good.  There's also lots of free stuff that's useful so you can check it out before you decide to pay.

Red_344_medium Red86 6 posts

Thanks guys.  Hopefully this will make lesson planning easier.  Speaking of which I should really stop procrastinating and do some work!  Thanks again.

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