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Checkpoint 4. feedback is not helpful!

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Dscn0734_medium csillatallody 2 posts

I have finished checkpoint 4. Then got back the result. It says I need to re attempt it. There was only 1 long comment under the 1. task. saying "Good work! This lesson will certainly improve your students' writing skills, but look at this lesson plan for extra pointers." etc.

And it gives a detailed lesson plan, which is great, but what can I write after that. The tutor just solved the problem.

No comment under the rest.

Does that mean that I need to repeat everything or just correct the 1. task? Why do I need to rewrite it if it was a Good work?! Plus what else can I add to what s/he wrote?

I just don`t understand!

Anyone has any idea

Ladyinred2_medium Devilwoman077 3 posts

Hello! It sounds like you just  need to correct the first question as it requires you write a step by step lesson plan about writing a complaint. You need to give specific details and examples for each stage

  • Introduce the topic and ask students to discuss it in small groups, followed by feedback and discussion with the whole class

I would introduce the topic of complaints by drawing a stick figure person on the white-board and creating a sad expression on his face etc...

Also Module 8 will be useful.

Good luck!

Dscn0734_medium csillatallody 2 posts

Thank you all for the answers! In the meantime I got back the 2. feedback on my work. The tutor explained it as the system`s fault; And she apologized that I needed to repeat the checkpoint. :)

Now I am worried how Im going to do  Checkpoint 5. It looks difficult!


Ladyinred2_medium Devilwoman077 3 posts

Well I'm pleased it ended well. System problems ahh!!!

Don't worry the next assignment isn't too tough, just time-consuming. Good luck!!

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