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Checkpoint 5, Question 12

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Meblonde_medium sweetnessuk 8 posts

I am stuck on this question, please can you provide some guidance. Checkpoint 5, Question 12

They need to be engaging/speaking in the language as much as possible. So please give this another go and make it more sts dynamic.

Firstly, I would need to take into account the cultural differences and overcome preconceived notions about different cultures and help the students to overcome biases against our culture. This will help to create a learning environment where the students can be valued for their unique heritage.  I will initiate an activity for 10mins. I will invite a guest speaker who is a Native English person but has integrated into the new culture for a couple years. They will as I will use flash cards and objects that are typical of English culture, such as a toy of a London taxi, the English flag, woman taking a leading role in society such as, ‘playing football, being a manager, a woman working in I.T and computing, a man cooking (chef), a mother doing the domestic chores.



Icon_missing_medium mczarnecka 2 posts

can you please check this one for me? itis my last attempt :(

1.Students to look at the PowerPoint presentation on British food.

2.Questions and Answers session. Example : Teacher: What is traditional Sunday dinner? Student: Sunday Roast.

3.Get students to talk in pairs about traditional dish in their country.

4. Students to create a restaurant menu ( this could include British food and international desserts or drinks) They can work in groups for this one.

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