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Icon_missing_medium jessica84 5 posts

PLease could somebosy help me with this - The feedback i have had said that my comments are correct but need to specify timings and the order.

The question relates to a passage and the following is the suggested leaaon plan -

A teacher has written the following plan of activities for the during-reading part of the lesson based on this text :

1. Give students 15 mins to read the text.
2. Ask them gist questions in open class.
3. Ask them detailed questions and give them 5 mins to discuss the answers in pairs.
4. Elicit answers to the detailed questions.

This needs to be amended - the order and times changes - I have stated the timing for 1. is too long for getting the gist. the only thing i can think to do is swop 3. and 4 around so that you have a more in depth discussion before completitng the detailed questions.


Has anybody got any comments or ideas that could help - It would be really appreciated.


Thank you

Icon_missing_medium Dave458 43 posts

Hi Jessica,

I haven't submitted my answer yet, but I found pages six and seven of module nine (link) helpful when putting together my answer.

Good luck!


Thumbnail_2_medium pressie 17 posts

hi jessica,

i have the same problem and this is my last chance......

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