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Hey to all TEFLers, I would like to know the exact order of the things you get in a 120h TEFL course. I mean do you get the online part first or do you have to have it completed before the weekend classroom part of the course and stuff like that. I would also like more information regarding the internships please, as in what they are exactly and if they are part of a course or an option after completing one. Also the only difference between a 120h and a 1140h course from what i can see are the videos, is this true?

Thanks in advanced for the help.

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Yes - that's correct the Video Practice Module is the only difference between the two courses. You can do the classroom part of your course at any point - either at the start to kick-start the learning process, in the middle or at the end. We do recommend you do the main 60 hour online course before attempting the grammar module and specialist certificates though.

Internships can either be a part of your course, or you can upgrade to an internship once you finish your course - which internship are you interested in?

Hope that helps!

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Once again thanks for responding. I like the look of Thailand, i doubt i'll be able to do an internship but if i could i'd probably do it after the course, it does sound like fun. Also thanks for helping me out with the order the course can be done in.

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See how you get on after you finish your course - it's nice to know that there's always that option.

Good luck with your course!

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