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Checkpoints 4 & 5

So i have completed checkpoint 4 and am really quite pleased with myself right now. LOL. When i reached checkpoint 3 i thought to myself....what on earth am i doing? this is just too much for me to deal with!

Well, it took me quite a few hours to do checkpoint 3, and i got through it with great feedback. I have to admit though that it has been my least favourite checkpoint so far, and what i have read on the chalkboards, it seems that most people would agree with me on that.

So checkpoint 4 was to do with teaching the skills. I will admit that i spent almost 4 hours doing this one, partly because i think i had a bit of information overload and partly because i wanted to be as thorough as possible with my answers. One thing i have learned is not to rush myself through the checkpoint questions, it only causes strees.

So tommorrow i will be tackling checkpoint 5. This is the one that i find most daunting, the reason for that? its the last one for me to do on my course before starting my TEFL for business English course.

Checkpoint 5 is lesson planning and cultural awareness. I will spend time going through the last few modules again and making sure i have it all taken on board, i just wish that i had an idea of what i am going to be asked so i can make sure i focus on those points just a little bit more than usual. Still, i am determined to get through and i will study as much as i can to do it.

Just curious as to how other people found checkpoint 5? How long did it take them to complete? and out of all the checkpoints, which have they found to be the hardest and easiest to do?

Hope all you fellow TEFLers (i know its not a word, lol) are getting through it ok. Hope to hear some update's on how you are finding the course

Josh =)


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I really need help on check point 3 Q.30-37 please!!!

hi Josh,

I pass checkpoint 3 very happy to get that out the way. I'm starting checkpoint 4 tonight. can you let me know any tips you might have for this one. I see its only 10 questions. so fingers cross should be to hard.

Have you finished all your course now?


Kind Regards


Hi Josh,


I'm going to start checkpoint 3 tomorrow and i have been putting it off for the pass week. It scares the hell out of me. Do you have any tips that you think might help me?



Hey josh,

I've just started checkpoint five myself and seem to be getting very stressed out with myself.

Previous checkpoints have been manageable and i would fully agree that checkpoint three was my least favourite aswell. I am struggling with checkpoint five and was floating around here to try and get some help or at least inspiration and came accross your message so i thought id see how you got on!

have you completed checkpoint five now? congratulations in advance, Gaz.

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