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Crossing the Rubicon

I’m sick. I think I have some kind of food poisoning; my stomach is twisting like a butter churn and my face feels hot and clammy. Maybe it was that Slimming World pastry-free quiche at lunchtime. Maybe it’s just that the waist of my grey work trousers is too tight. Or maybe it’s that I just gave a random (albeit very sweet and friendly) woman the princely sum of £1165.50 over the telephone and watched it ping out of my online bank account with alarming speed.  The fact that that money has just bought me a 140 hour combined TEFL course package and a placement on a 6-month teaching internship somewhere around Lop Buri, Thailand may also have something to do with it. Sod it, I did it. I have spent the longest time deliberating over whether to just get on with it and see how far I could get on what I’ve got or keep waiting till I have a decent amount of money, I was already meant to have gone 5 months ago by the original plan. I was ninety-nine percent there with pushing it back even further before I realised that if I did that I’d be 26 by the time I left, probably about 28 by the time I returned (unless it all doesn’t work out) and that just seems too scary. After all, when I get back on home turf I’ll be single, jobless, living with my parents and generally bummed out. That’ll be a lot worse the closer I am to knocking on 30’s door. So it’s done! I’m excited and terrified and financially sick to my stomach. I have failed miserably to save anything at all since sucking it up and moving in with my parents; I’ve cleared all my debts but that’s it. When I go to Thailand I’ll have roughly two grand in the bank after flights and gear and jabs and that’s really not going to stretch too far. The two grand has to sustain me in Thailand once the internship's finished long enough for me to get a teaching placement sorted in South Korea though… and get there… and keep me going up until the first paycheque. It’s going to be fine. Accommodation is included with teaching placements in Korea and I’m hoping I’ll be able to save enough there to take me down through South East Asia to my cousin in New Zealand. I have no idea how realistic this is but its too late now. Ah me. Eee – there’s exciting! It’s just hit me what I’ve actually just bought! How marvellous!


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