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Asia without an internship

I really want to get some experience working in a school in Asia. I already have my 120 hour online course so i don't think there is much point in going on an internship. I will have to wait for my degree to come through in October so i was wondering does anyone have any good schools in Asia that would be looking for teachers starting in late September/October ??




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hey you can try applying with Buckland International Education Group - they give you a week's orientation before they send you off to a school - which means that you've made a bunch of friends all over the country to keep in touch with and ask for advice during your stay!

Im currently with them on my first teaching assignment.

I've never worked in Asia but I know many teachers who've been fine there for years by just oing there with their CV and certificates and finding work just like you would if you were at home.  I gather there's tons of work there, and when you arrive you can just hook up with other expats and teachers and find out the nitty gritty. 

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