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I was offered a job teaching English for $35 per hour, 20 hours per week, board and food paid for. However, I had to turn it down as I am in the middle of visa's etc for my husband (yes folks, we finally got married). 


Anyway, the job is in Lahore, so I am unable to accept. However, I thought if I put this up on here, someone in Australia who wanted the position, might be interested.


If so, please just contact me and I will get the guy to call you. He is an Australian guy so you won't have to worry about accents.


Anyone interseted, please let me know.




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Hi Sanne,

Great, thanks. Happy International Women's Day.


Thanks Joanna...the guys name is Ray. I will email him and pass on your email.




Hi Sanne,

You can pass my email address



Hi Joanna...if you want to pm me your phone number I will pass it on.



Hi, thanks, but I'm not interested in going to teach or live in Pakistan. Joanna

@ Erin....thank you very much. I beleive we are all on this earth to help and assist one another and as I cannot take the position, I told the guy I would pass the information on to anyone who may be interested. That's fair I think. 



@ Male163...the job is not in is in Lahore, Pakistan. The guy who is arranging a teacher is Australian.



Congratulations. I'd be interested in going to teach and live in Australia with my daughter. Please can you give me more details. Thanks

Congratulations on getting married!

How kind of you to pass the opportunity on to others.

I look forward to seeing how your personal TEFL journey unfolds!

Best Wishes,


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