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my heart burnt with indignation and grief!

hello every body ! this is me sunstar ! i am a teacher and an advanced learner in TEFL. Briona is a good person because she knows how to respect everyone and also respect thier rights as i know well about it...

Added Yesterday by sunstar


China hear I come

I've just finished checkpoint 4, (hope I nailed it) and one thing thats been quite prominant so far in the course is that making contacts will get you further in tefling.  Now I'm not one for blogs bu...

Added October 23 by josephpatrickjames


Your Thoughts Are Very Powerful Creativity   When you are young you have a wonderful imagination. In your imagination you can create anything and any situation. As you get older you lose this cre...

Added October 23 by sunstar

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created on: 10/24/14

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created on: 10/24/14

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buskers in Seville Feb 2014

Added February 22 by AlixM09


Κeep a smile_estel

"Keep a smile for me"-Music & lyrics: Stella Zoura. A romantic ballad for love.without rehearsal, recorded at home without technology, only an harmonium, just write & rec at once!So be pacient with the sound!!

Added December 25, 2013 by musicianS


world of war and love(πολεμος και αγαπη)_Estel (Stella Zoura)

"world of war and love" unplugged in my room, without rehearsal.written on time and recorded.

Added December 25, 2013 by musicianS