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The journey

I am apprehensive yet excited about my new journey. When I had my vision of teaching it seemed very real, not surreal! Now that I have finished two courses in English (ESL and TEFL) reality of what my dream...

Added Yesterday by lindsay123


Make your college education much more affordable with life experience degree programs

The rising inflation has hiked the price of just about everything around us. Starting from household commodities to luxury goods to communication & commuting costs to cost of education. It seems that eve...

Added September 20 by dorothystivers


South American Schools

Hi, I've just finished my 140hrs TEFL course and have now begun the adventure of looking for potential elementary schools to teach in South America (preferably: Peru, Chile, Argentina). Unfortuntaley at the...

Added September 20 by xmanktelow

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created on: 09/22/14

Added 11:17AM by lindsay123



This was a fantastic experience. Primates which have been rescued from their natural environment due to sad individuals hunting them for gain. A great program which I am happy to say, Adelaide, Australia is a proud (monkey) sponsor! The rescue in...

Added 9:19AM by lindsay123


Lindsay G's hat and food??

Now do you start to get the picture?

Added 9:01AM by lindsay123

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buskers in Seville Feb 2014

Added February 22 by AlixM09


Κeep a smile_estel

"Keep a smile for me"-Music & lyrics: Stella Zoura. A romantic ballad for love.without rehearsal, recorded at home without technology, only an harmonium, just write & rec at once!So be pacient with the sound!!

Added December 25, 2013 by musicianS


world of war and love(πολεμος και αγαπη)_Estel (Stella Zoura)

"world of war and love" unplugged in my room, without rehearsal.written on time and recorded.

Added December 25, 2013 by musicianS