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Where is Chalkboard?

Have you been looking for our Chalkboard?  Unfortunately it’s now been decommissioned, but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place: we’ve got LOTS of resources for future and current TEFL teachers…

Want to connect and take a look at what i-to-i TEFL teachers are getting up to all over the world?  Head on over to TEFL Life, full of images and videos of i-to-i teachers enjoying living and teaching in their new homes!  From Japan to Lithuania, we’ve got most of the globe covered!

If there’s a specific continent you want to find out more information on, then you’re in luck: our specialist sections on Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East are full of articles on how to find jobs and what life is like there.

We’ve also got lots of interviews from TEFLers abroad, sharing not only their experiences of teaching English, but how they’ve found living abroad in totally new country.  We’ve also got interviews and videos from interns on our internships in China, Thailand and Vietnam so you can get a real feel what it’s like on a TEFL internship!

If you’re a bit unsure of walking into that classroom on the first day of teaching, check out our TEFL classroom advice section – from exciting activities to engaging lesson plans, you can find lots of useful advice no matter what age and ability you’re teaching.

If you want to find out more about getting a TEFL job, we’ve got that covered too!  The best places to teach without a degree, the cheapest TEFL destinations and how to apply for a summer job are just some of the questions that we answer!

Got another burning TEFL question?  You’ll find out most of your answers in our expert TEFL advice section, where we bust myths like you can be too old to teach, or you can’t find a TEFL job as a non-native speaker (neither of these are true, by the way!).

After you’ve found out all the answers to your questions, it’s time for some TEFL fun… plan your TEFL adventure, tick places off your bucket list and find out why being a TEFL teacher makes you so amazing!

Want even MORE TEFL information?  Download our free brochure – congratulations and good luck on starting your new life overseas, you won’t regret it!

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