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Eye Spy: a TEFL Tale


Hi Reece and Victoria!


In 2012 two South Africans – Reece and Victoria headed overseas on a TEFL adventure- one headed for Thailand and the other for Chile. While their destinations were worlds apart, their end goal was the same- to explore a new corner of the world and use English teaching to help them do it. Here is a video of what happened when TEFL brought them together in Spain:

Eye spy

From Reece and Victoria:

Before departure, i-to-i  helped us nurture and harness our keenness to teach with an in-depth 120 Hour Online Course.

Although our TEFL adventures started separately, there were some fundamental realisations that ignored all borders. There could not be a more accessible and convenient way to travel the world. As English first language speakers we are born with a gift that is coveted the world over. This gift is your ticket. With it you can survive in almost any country on this Earth.

One of the many things we learnt on our independent journeys to Asia and South America was the importance of language. Not only how important and necessary English is but how important it is to speak more than one language. A second language can broaden your career prospects, your cultural understanding and who can forget- the cool factor?! We as English speakers are often lazy in acquiring a second language, but with one, you can expect more open doors. We’ve chosen Spanish as ours!

Our TEFL experiences have enriched our lives incredibly. Our love for this lifestyle and our desire to continue is what brought us together in the amazing city of Barcelona in 2013. Here our similar recent histories and similar South African upbringings allowed us to gravitate toward each other. Our mutual love for travel writing, photography and videography can’t be overlooked as having an important impact on our connection.

Our first collaboration effort, Eye Spy, is a 3 minute video that depicts 48 hours of our lives here in Catalonia, Spain. We hope you enjoy!

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  • Greg Brittian

    Really cool stuff Vicky! Keep enjoying!