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How to Ace a TEFL Job Interview!

So you’ve finished your TEFL Course, applied for jobs and are finally in the process of interviewing! Imagine an interview where you’re not in the same room as the interviewer.  What about the same building? What about the same country?

To avoid paying out for a plane ticket to Thailand every time they spot a potential candidate, many TEFL employers will interview you over Skype. Here at i-to-i, we’ve compiled a blog post to help you know what to expect, what to do and what definitely not to do!

What to expect

Like any other interview you’ll need to be prepared to talk about yourself! The employer is looking to find out whether you’ll fit well into their school or academy. They’re also looking to test out your reliability and adaptability; in other words they’re looking for reassurance that you won’t freak out and leave them stuck with a school full of eager learners and no teacher.


Get a quality internet connection. If your interview connection is likely to be hacked mid-call by your housemate downloading 55 episodes of their favourite show then go somewhere else! Your local coffee shop will do, or even a quiet corner of a public library.

internet connection







Make some notes. Use the fact that you’re not in the same room to your advantage. Make a list of the interview questions that employers are likely to ask and write down 2 cue words or hints for each.  Common TEFL interview questions tend to be about your previous teaching experience, what your goals are (as a teacher) and how well you’d adapt to living in another culture!

Look into the camera. It may feel more natural to look straight at the employers face, however when on Skype the best route to take is looking at the camera. This will help to give your potential employer the feeling of direct eye contact, always a plus at a job interview!


Suit jacket on top, pyjamas on bottom. Don’t fall foul to this Skype interview disaster! Consider what you’ll do if the doorbell rings, or you have to perform an impromptu lesson demo….

Don’t check yourself out! When interviewing on Skype it’s tempting to watch yourself in your little video box to make sure you’re looking your best. You wouldn’t look in a mirror at a regular interview so try your very best to avoid this. To an employer this can make you seem shy, vain, or even worse, disinterested!











Spring clean your surroundings.  Make the effort to give whatever room you’re interviewing in a good once over! When you’re in the interview it’ll make you seem much more organized than if there’s a spare pair of underwear hanging off your monitor…

And finally, remember that even though the interview’s online, it is still an interview. Good Luck and let us know how you get on!