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10 Amazing Things You Should Do When Teaching English Abroad In 2014

1)      Take in the aerial views of Rio de Janeiro from the base of Christ the Redeemer – the largest art deco statue in the world! TEFL jobs in Brazil can be hard to come by, so if your heart is set on teaching English abroad there, you’ll need a good TEFL qualification. Also… employers usually want perspective teachers to already be in-country, so book your tickets and head off out there if Brazil is at the top of your TEFL list.

Rio de Janeiro








2)      Ski the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Andalucia, Spain… arguably one of the best ski resorts in Europe! Spain is also one of the most popular destinations for teaching English abroad, especially for Europeans! “Why?” We hear you ask. Europe has a lot of low cost airlines, meaning you can reach Spain for as much as you’d pay for a trip to the cinema!

3)      Head to Wieliczka Salt Mine, located on the outskirts of Krakow, Poland. The site features an underground city carved completely from rock salt.

4)      Sit-back and relax in Goa, India – where you’ll find some of the most beautiful golden beaches and crystal clear seas. You’ll find that most TEFL jobs are around Delhi and the bigger Indian cities, but with train travel at your fingertips, what’s stopping a trip to Goa for the weekend?

 5)      Get up close and personal to an elephant as you hike through some of Thailand’s most beautiful scenery. If you’re thinking about teaching English in Thailand, you’ll want to head out to the northern regions as this is where most of the TEFL jobs can be found.

Elephant Trekking









6)      *CUTENESS ALERT* Head out to Chengdu in China to see Giant Pandas in their natural habitat. Thinking about TEFLing in China? Check our TEFL Jobs Board with over 400 LIVE jobs in China!


 7)      Try island hopping in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam – thousands of islands featuring hollow caves, large lakes and even floating villages of fishermen! You could even try teaching English to them!

8)      Lose yourself in a real-life fairy tale, France’s Loire Valley – a land of Medieval and Renaissance châteaux. France is a great destination for teaching English abroad if you’ve got little TEFL experience. However, most positions involve teaching Kindergarten kids or babysitting.

 9)      Take on the heights of Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain standing at 12,388 feet.

10)      Visit one of Turkey’s most famous landmarks, The Blue Mosque – named after the blue Iznik tiles adorning its interior.

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