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From EDI CertTEFL to a Summer Camp TEFL Job In Italy: Paul’s Story Part Two

Meet Paul! We interviewed him last week about how his EDI CertTEFL certificate helped him to land his dream TEFL job in Italy. This week we’re asking him all about his summer camp experience!

Time for us to be nosy: Tell us a bit about your first TEFL job – What did you find easy? What did you find difficult?

My first day at the summer camp went unbelievably well!! At first, I must admit, I did feel nervous. But with the relaxed atmosphere at the camp, and classroom, that nervous feeling only lasted about 10 minutes. I felt at ease with my class almost immediately and as the company I worked for put so much emphasis on the kids having fun it was difficult not to enjoy myself while at “work”.

One thing that was slightly difficult was the 35 degree heat Italy….but I won`t complain!!

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about taking a TEFL job at a summer camp?

One piece of advice I would give to someone thinking about teaching at a summer school would be to set the ground rules from the get-go. This establishes the foundations for good behaviour and makes for a more enjoyable time for all.

What was the best thing you discovered about living in Italy? (We’re a bit jealous…)

It’s impossible to pin point the best thing about living in Italy!!! From the friendly and laid back attitude of the people and the beautiful weather to the amazing scenery of endless mountains and rivers – along with the delicious Italian cuisine and vibrant nightlife of the many locations we visited…….like I said take your pick!!

How did your EDI qualification prepare you for your first teaching experience?

I was more than prepared for my first teaching experience. Not only did I have the benefits of practice but also the knowledge that comes with the theoretical aspect of EDI. I found this to be very clear and well structured too.

How would you rate your TEFL adventure out of 10 so far?

So far my TEFL adventure can only be rated as 10 out of 10.


Because it was an eye-opening, mind-blowing experience that I will never forget. I met dozens of people that are now my friends for life through this experience… them fellow tutors (native English speakers from as far as Australia, Canada, the USA to Britain and Ireland) that I trained with at San Remo in Italy for one week, my host family while at camp or even the many local Italian who I befriended…..not to mention my class and all the other kids at the school!

One stand-out moment?

One stand out moment would be the training camp at San Remo. Another would be the summer camp. Another could be the circle time every morning or the amazing nightlife of Torino….but again it isn’t possible to pick one stand-out moment. The whole experience was amazing but the pride of seeing my class graduate was unbeatable!!!

With a summer camp and an EDI under your belt – what’s next for you?

Now that I’ve got the summer camp under my belt I’m back home where, thanks AGAIN to the whole TEFL and EDI qualification, I`ve got myself a job teaching 4 Spanish children English. I return to college in September for my final year and I’ve already got the itch for another adventure next year, so thankfully the TEFL  jobs abroad are still flooding up my e-mails!!

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