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Top 7 Things To See & Do In Thailand

Ohhh Thailand, home to picture-perfect beaches, mouth-watering Pad Thai, a thriving expat community, killer sunsets and a laid back atmosphere to make you wish your stay in the Land of Smiles was a permanent one…yep, teaching in Thailand is a pretty tough job!

We’re pretty confident that by number 5 number 1 you’ll have either:

a) Google-imaged one of the below (or even just a Thailand beach)

b) Checked out current Thailand job opportunities on our Jobs Board or on the Thailand Internship

c) Checked your passport is in date.

d) Booked the next flight out…

e) Virtually hi-fived us… you’re welcome.

Ready? Here we go!

Phi Phi, Thailand

Ahhhh bliss

1) Phi Phi Islands

‘The Beach’ was famously filmed here so it’s not surprising that tourists flock here to revel in the Phi Phi islands’ natural beauty. I mean, seriously, check out the photo on the left! You couldn’t ask for a better backdrop…

2) Ayuthaya

There was a time when the old Siamese capital of Ayuthaya was one of the most beautiful and influential cities in all of Asia. Nowadays, its ruins offer travellers an insight into a more glorious past. It’s easily reached from Bangkok and while it can be done on a day trip, you really need at least a weekend in Ayuthaya to have a good look around.

3) Chiang Mai Night Market

Calling all bargain hunters! The Chiang Mai Night Baazar is open every day of the year (regardless of the weather) from dusk until around midnight. Vendors sell everything from clothing, jewellery, cheap DVDs, designer gear (fake and the real deal) and there are noodles galore!

4) Cooking Class

Here’s one for the foodies! Always wanted to know how to whip up a mean Pad-Thai? A hands-on cooking course will show you how to prepare traditional Thai cuisine every step of the way, from picking out your ingredients in the local market to cooking your food outside in the sun! As a TEFL teacher in Thailand – you’ll be learning how to cook like a local in no time!

5) Ko Tarutao

Come on, this has got to be one of the most jaw-dropping, flight-booking worthy places on the planet! Thailand draws TEFLers and travellers from all over the world – but for beach lovers, Ko Tarutao is paradise on earth. For when you’re teaching in Thailand, definitely make sure to give this a visit during a weekend/holiday/whenever you can!

Loy Krathong lantern festival6) Loy Krathong (Lantern festival)

One of the most beautiful, calming festivals on the planet. Loy Krathong takes place around November so make sure to book any accommodation well in advance and don’t forget your camera!

7) Thai Boxing Match

Thai boxing is, you would never have guessed, a national sport – so, for the not-so faint of heart a visit to a Thai-boxing match is a must.

Top tip: If you’re going to be sitting ring-side don’t be surprised to come out covered in blood, sweat (& maybe tears!)

Ohhh Thailand, we’re thinking of relocating i-to-i towers! Already teaching in Thailand? What would you recommend doing?

Lantern photo by hahatango


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