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The Price of Beer in The World’s Top TEFL Destinations

At i-to-i Towers we know that beer + TEFL = a match made in heaven. That’s why at 4-5pm every Friday we celebrate Beer O’Clock! We grab a drink from our little beer fridge and work the last hour of our day with a beverage in hand. Most of us go for lager but Ryan stays true to his Irish routes with a glass of Guinness. Sláinte Ryan!

Which got us thinking…. what are the important things you need to know when deciding where to TEFL? Well yes, essentials like the cost of rent, food, getting around, TEFL salaries and the TEFL courses you’ll need (our handy country guides will help here). But should you really leave home without knowing the price of beer in your new local overseas? We don’t think so!

So with this in mind we’ve put together a handy guide* to the price of beer in the bars of the world’s top TEFL destinations. So, cheers, santé, salud, choc-tee, kombae, şerefe, tim tim, kanpai, gom bui, okrzyki and dô!

The price of beer in TEFL destinations all over the world!

*Thanks to all our TEFLers who helped out with this important research. And if these prices don’t match up to the cost of a beer where you are let know! Preferably between 4 and 5pm on a Friday. We’ve always got time for this information!

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