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3 Great TEFL Destinations For Instant Employability

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be starting a TEFL adventure this time next month or even next week?! Courtesy of the lovely team at i-to-i we’ve worked out the best TEFL destinations for instant employability!


China remains one of the most popular TEFL destinations and with 358 (to be precise) jobs on the TEFL Jobs Board we can make a fair assumption that there is a high demand for English teachers in China!

Day at the beach
Where’s this need coming from?

Time to get technical…

Fact number one – China has a population of over a billion and an estimated 300 million of which are learning English! So if we do the maths… that’s umm, ALOT of English teachers. *Brings out the calculator…* If you had 40 in each class that works out as 7.5 MILLION English teachers needed to fill the demand!

Fact number two – There’s been a recent push on children as young as 2 learning English so the amount of kindergarten positions being advertised has increased dramatically in recent years.

“I’ve heard you need a degree – is it more difficult to get a job now?”

Simply put, no! In order to obtain the Z working visa it’s now a requirement to have a degree but there is still an option for non-degree holders! The X Student visa allows you to stay in China for 6 months – such as the one you’d use as part of the China Internship.

Whatever you do – do not accept a teaching position on an F Business Visa – any TEFL jobs that promise this should be approached with real caution!

For degree holders there are teaching opportunities in all corners of the country – take your pick!

South Korea

PsyWho DOESN’T want to teach English in South Korea?! 11.1 million tourists visited South Korea in 2012! Gangnam Style-induced tourism might be the answer and the demand for English teachers is growing!

(op,op,op… so darn catchy)

Whilst the pay packet in China might not always be too appealing, employers in South Korea are very generous and frequently offer flight reimbursement and accommodation.

What’s popular? You only have to have a scan over the current South Korea job vacancies to see that there is a demand for all types of English language learning – from conversational to university lecturers!

Don’t even want the hassle of looking for your own job? One great option for guaranteed employment is the Korean government-run program, EPIK.


Don’t think it’s possible to get a job instantly in Taiwan?

We’ll let a TEFLer do the talking…

Guys! I did it!

It all happened so quickly, I applied for a job in Taiwan on the Wednesday, got the job on the Saturday and was out here by Thursday. Check out Sophie’s blog post here!

With accommodation and visa assistance, great salaries and an incredible island to explore it is no wonder that Taiwan is quickly becoming the up-and-coming destination for degree holders!

 A couple of other amazingly fast job offers:

Cassandra in Ecuador!

Well, a week after finishing up my i-to-i course and I’ve accepted a job offer. Wow! I didn’t expect trying to navigate the job search seriously till I had spring vacation next week but things sure have fallen into place quickly!

Offer toasted and accepted!

So, now I get to switch from job search mode to paperwork mode as I get documents ready for my visa.

It’s great knowing I’ll have a job waiting after graduation! Read more!

Vicki in Thailand!

Since I last posted a comment so much has happened! I completed my 140 hour TEFL course and pretty much as soon as I did; I got a job… Bangkok. It all happened very quickly and I had to start my training and be in Bangkok just 9 days after receiving the acceptance for the job! Read more!

Photo by Asitimes

Ready for your TEFL adventure to begin… RIGHT NOW? Get TEFL qualified and land your dream job!


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  • murphscousin

    So if after I do the China Internship and I want to stay and teach there I must have a Degree to get the Z visa? I cannot get it without a Degree?