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Asia Uncovered: Salaries, Degrees & Must-Sees – Part Three!

Back by popular request – this special edition of Asia Uncovered are all Asian destinations most requested by you guys! So which countries were the most popular? You voted for India, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines! Enjoy :) 


Asia Uncovered: Salaries, Degrees and Must-SeesDo I need a degree? No… but yes for competitive positions such as teaching Business English.

How do I get a visa? All visitors must obtain visas at an Indian Embassy or Consulate abroad before entering the country. If you’ve confirmed a job beforehand, your employer will help with your work visa arrangements.

How much money will I earn? There are over 1.1 BILLION people in India and it is known for its broad collection of cultures, languages, religions and class. Earning money as a TEFL teacher therefore varies from place to place and employer to employer dramatically! In poorer areas you’ll find that most employers will not be able to afford to pay you, meaning that it is not uncommon for many teaching positions to be voluntary. Teachers remain a much respected member of society, and in richer areas paid positions can be found but are competitive. Expect to earn around 47,000 INR per month.


Type of demand? The English language within most of Indian society is used for boosting employability, international mobility and accessing information (as 75% of the world’s information is stored in English!) The demand for English teachers is definitely there it is just a case of doing some research. Voluntary positions are definitely in high supply – look for local adverts to find work this way. Finding TEFL jobs online from home can be hard to come by so are perhaps better found on the ground. The main demand comes from businesses in big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Travel-must? Visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar – a lot of history too!


Do I need a degree? Yes technically but some people do work on a tourist visa (this is illegal and if caught, things could get ugly!)

How do I get a visa? In order to obtain a visa you’ll need an MA degree, a valid passport and a job offer – plain and simple. Your employer will help you with your visa process though :)

Type of demand? The level of English in Malaysia is very high, especially as Malaysian English is a known second language there – employers therefore expect the best from their teachers! It’s not abnormal for employers to therefore request a few years’ experience!

Many destinations often claim they want ‘native English speakers’ sometimes this is due to visa requirements but most of the time all that employers are looking for is fluency – this is the case for TEFL jobs in Malaysia! The main demand for English is in its capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Perhentian islands, Malaysia

How much money will I earn? You can expect to earn anything from 3,000-8,000 MYR a month and this will grow depending on experience – it’s not too uncommon for salaries to reach up to 15,000 MYR a month! (do the conversion – seriously, if you’re an experienced teacher looking to head abroad – go, go, go!)

Travel-must? Want to make everyone green with envy back home? Then you’ll need to head to the Perhentian islands – jaw-droppingly/booking-a-flight-despite-my-overdraft good!


Do I need a degree? Yes

How do I get a visa? You’ll need to secure a job before you can apply for a visa (and have a degree and a TEFL certificate). You’ll then have to contact the Embassy of Singapore – yourself or your employer will fill out and submit the appropriate paperwork depending on your arrangement.

Type of demand? Singapore is known for its multicultural makeup – and as English is one of the four recognised languages in Singapore, it’s widely spoken. The TEFL market in Singapore is big especially as people flock from all over Asia to learn English there! The most demand for TEFL teachers comes from the business community, young learners and private language schools. Prepare for stiff competition as Singapore considers itself an English-speaking country – you’ll be up against some of the best!

How much money will I earn? 3,300–4,200 SGD a month, it’s unusual for accommodation or flights to be provided but employers will assist you in finding an apartment – most TEFL teachers live with co-workers to cut down on costs.

Travel-must? Eat chilli crab! In fact, eat everything! Visiting a hawker market in Singapore is a must as you’ll truly get to eat like the locals, and trust me; it will be some of the best food you’ve ever tasted! Wash that down with a Singapore Sling and call it a day well spent!

The Philippines

Do I need a degree? No

Festivals in the Philippines!

How do I get a visa? Your employer will arrange for the Alien Employment Permit, which is valid for between six months and two years. It takes about two weeks to process, and once it arrives you can apply for an employment visa. Don’t even think about trying to find a way around this as authorities are strict!

Type of demand? English is widely spoken in the Philippines so competition can be fierce – TEFL employers are looking for experienced and knowledgeable teachers. Most of the demand for English teachers comes from the cities such as Manila and Cebu mainly in private language schools, large companies and international schools. Doing a quick search for ‘TEFL jobs in the Philippines’ doesn’t bring up lists and lists of vacancies – for this reason it is sometimes better to find jobs on the ground!

How much money will I earn? 40,000 – 60,000 Philippine pesos

Travel-must? Too much! Head to a festival – Filipinos know how to party! So when 1 of the (over 100) festivals takes place across the archipelago make sure you’re there to join them!

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